Fine-tune your photography!

Good photography is about having a good eye, and good camera skills. Good camera skills usually boil down to two things. Precision, and timing. LensShifter aims at enhancing both.

Using physics and a little bit of common sense, the LensShifter adds a handle/axle to your camera rings. A simple color-coded handle sits on each ring. One for the Zoom and the other for the Focus. Since most photographers spend more time on looking into the viewfinder, the color-coded handles allow the photographer to know exactly which ring it is they’re rotating, taking the trial and error out of different lenses (size, caliber, and brand) that you may possess. Even from the corner of your eye, you can subconsciously know you need to rotate the red handle for the zoom and the blue one for adjusting the focus. Aside from preventing that instance of human error, the LensShifter even allows you to hit precise zoom and focus values. The fact that the handle extends outwards (effectively increasing the circumference/rotating-distance) means you can achieve up to 3.5x more accuracy as compared to rotating the lens rings. It also adds a visual aspect to the act of zooming and focusing, so you can literally memorize the positions of the handles with respect to the zoom distance and focal length.

The LensShifter, therefore, makes zooming and focusing much more precise and something you can absent-mindedly do as you look at the image in your viewfinder. Preventing the need to constantly adjust the lens rings because you can’t get the correct value, or looking at your lens to make sure you’ve got the right values set, the LensShifter lets you ‘focus’ on your subject and therefore work faster too.

Designed with a rubber grip that holds firmly onto your lens (without damaging it), color coded handles, and even a detachable counterweight, the LensShifter has a universal fit and appeal, allowing you to work much more intuitively with your camera, spending less time figuring the lens out and more time using it!

Designer: Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing

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