This e-Trailer with 200W Solar Panels turns into an electric motorboat for limitless travel anywhere

If you thought there was no niche for amphibious camper vehicles, one brand name is out and about – largely by itself – gunning to make bike camper trailers, that float with equal efficacy, a norm for you and me. After a couple of iterations in the past, and a name change in between; BeTriton has released a teaser video of its new boat + camper trailer called the Green E-Trailer.

Green E-Trailer is exactly what the name suggests: a bright-green colored e-bike trailer, which bears a likeliness to the full-fledged BeTriton 2.0. It was based on the customer feedback received for the first iteration BeTriton e-bike trailer. It stripped down some of the unnecessary elements, retaining the cabin for two and a pet, and now the ‘Green’ model puts a pop-up hard roof on it.

Designer: BeTriton

Besides the configuration and tweaks inside, what the BeTriton 2.0 really changed was the ability of the trailer to ride behind any option of an e-bike, instead of an integrated bike that the first model mandated. From how it appears, even though the information is scanty, the Green E-Trailer follows the same construction ideology.

So, here is the BeTriton’s lime green electric trailer you can easily tow behind an e-bike with its 250W hub motor and carry the hauling bike along on the water without a flinch. For this adventure on the waves, the trailer is powered by a 2150W boat motor, which can go, potential on an unlimited range, courtesy of the 200W solar panel onboard. The solar array is installed on the pop-up roof making it a better-performing and more feature-rich rig than the previous BeTrition e-trailers.

The video does not mention the speed at which the boat camper can go, but it is evident that the Green BeTriton is capable of carrying a couple, their pet, and a towing bike on a water adventure when you’re tired of pedaling on the land. Whether you are convinced by the idea of an amphibious electric trailer or not, BeTriton is bringing the green peach for preorder. So, what do you think about this?