Pursuit Carbon teardrop with two kitchens has all the agility and convenience of mighty offroad camper

BRS Offroad has been going around on Australian adventures like no other in ‘pursuit’ for over a decade. But they are new to America, potentially walking their way through with ROA Off-Road. After the Sherpa and Pursuit in the past, BRS is back with another capable way for teardrop fans to go outdoors. More than that, go off the road and off the grid in the simple convenience of the fully-packed Pursuit Carbon.

Do not be misled by the name. Carbon in the Pursuit is as oblivious of material as light in the darkness. Carbon in this camping trailer is defined by the black exterior sheen and not the use of carbon fiber in construction. It is made from marine grade aluminum and fiberglass, resulting in a top-tier lightweight composite shell camper made for awesome off-roading; capable of going where your 4WD takes you.

Designer: BRS Offroad

Bigger campers have idealized overlanding expeditions with jaw-dropping convenience and mind-boggling spaciousness. But Pursuit Carbon with two kitchens, extending above-ground bathroom, and a bedroom with a gapping skylight, intends to do that in a form factor not bigger than 19.7 feet long and 9.2 feet high. Alongside these highlighting features, the camper is also provided with a living area that converts into an extra sleeping section for one adult.

Good to accommodate up to three people on an extended off-road expedition, the Pursuit Carbon is entered through a hatch entry door on one side; the other side has a hatch drop that accommodates a fully enclosed hot shower (with privacy curtain). Upon entering through the door spacious and well-lit interior is bound to turn heads. The space is largely occupied by the bed under a large skylight and between two low panoramic windows, but it still has room for a pair of benches (with 30L drawers each) that function as a dinette or sleeping berth at will, alongside a functional kitchen featuring a cooktop and grill combo, sink, and prep area in the middle. Right above is the entertainment system comprising a TV, two Bose speakers on either side, and a portable Garmin tablet with all the home controls onboard.

Making things exciting for those who love cooking under the sun; the hard-shell teardrop camper has a secondary pull-out outdoor kitchen. For toy haulers, a bike rack capable of handling up to three bikes on the rear. For the off-roaders, it has a galvanized steel chassis, all-terrain tires, and air suspension to keep things steady and rolling on rough terrains. For when you want to stick around in the wilderness a little longer, the Pursuit Carbon has been fashioned with 380-watt solar panels, an Enerdrive battery, and an inverter system.  BRS Offroad does most of its business in Australia, so this trailer camper is for now only available down under for an asking price of AUD 136,990 (with all amenities. Customizations accepted). Possible North American release is still under the wraps.