Camper’s bliss: Nike’s convertible ISPA Metamorph Poncho will let you leave your tent at home

If you don’t mind the inconvenience of hiking to a dramatic campsite in a waterproof robe hanging all the way down to your ankles, you could leave your tent home and just head out on your adventure wearing the Nike ISPA Metamorph Poncho. Watch closely! The reversible and convertible poncho, created by Nike’s innovative division, is completely unique in style and function. Made from multiple layers of weather-resistant materials, the wearable converts into a functional tent to ensure you’re covered from the elements whenever the need arises.

ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) is a Nike sub-label that has been pushing the bounds of design across all categories, especially footwear, for years now, always innovating to the discrete demands of the city dwellers. This time around, the target is the fashion-conscious adventurers who may prefer this – inconvenience for me – convenience on their camping adventures.

Designer: Nike ISPA

The stylish ISPA Metamorph Poncho, whether you agree or not, is definitely the ultimate piece of all-season gear that stands out for its convertible design. Provided in a grayish colorway, this reversible wearable is made from – ISPA special–layered lightweight nylon. This option along with a two-way zip closure makes the poncho water-resistant and capable of handling the elements both as apparel and as a sunshade or tent.

Speaking of which, the Metamorph Poncho has a detachable hood and comes complete with collapsable tent poles, so you can just take it off your body, pitch it, and forget about the world outside. All this convenience with Nike ISPA branding throughout the poncho (visible on the outside of the tent when pitched) scales the price way past $600 ($620 to be precise), but that seems somehow acceptable for the fact that this poncho can fully transform into a one-man tent.

The Metamorph’s versatility is not limited to its transformation into a tent. When you’re not hiking to a remote campsite, but only loitering in the market, the Nike poncho can swiftly transition into an easy-to-carry bag to haul your groceries. ISPA has made the poncho tent available, but stock’s running out fast.