20 Best Ways to Style Your Home Using Vases

One of the easiest ways to style your home is with vases, whether it be brimming with fresh, exquisite flowers or serving as ornamental artifacts. Vases lend a beautiful finishing touch to any space. Moreover, these versatile pieces can be showcased in a multitude of ways, be it when artfully grouped on a mantelpiece or a side table or as a captivating centerpiece on a dining table. The best part about incorporating vases is that they seamlessly blend into any room, making it possible to distribute your cherished pieces throughout your entire home.

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1. Mantel Décor

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Creating a beautiful mantel decoration involves arranging an assortment of vases with varying shapes and heights. It is highly recommended to opt for a collection of artisanal, handcrafted ceramic vases that not only serve as an appealing permanent display but are also versatile and can be filled with seasonal blooms, ensuring that the mantel maintains a fresh and attractive look throughout the year.

2. Inside the Niche

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Image courtesy of: towfiqu98

Craft an eye-catching arrangement in a contemporary living space by adorning the niches with an artisan-crafted ceramic vase in abstract or transparent forms, artistic finishes, and even vibrant hues.

3. Brighten the Entrance Foyer

Image courtesy of: Mint_Images

As the entrance foyer forms the initial space that greets any guests, this space forms the most appropriate place for displaying vases that overflow with fresh flowers. In the entryway, a console table or sideboard becomes a vital inclusion that can be embellished with decorative vases and other artful objects, cherished family photographs, and one can introduce a touch of nature through strategically positioned plants.

4. Add Volume to Empty Spaces

Image courtesy of: StudioVK

Exceptional vases should be displayed to enhance empty corners by employing a set of two vases, either with similar or contrasting shapes, and filling them with dried flowers. This method not only adds character to the vacant space but also provides volume and an appealing design element.

5. Beautify with Bud Vases

Image courtesy of: Aeril01

Single stems in small vases can be equally as striking as a grand centerpiece and truly highlight the beauty of each bloom. One can employ bud vases for swift and sophisticated table arrangements, ranging from single stems to a combination of petite bouquets. Being lightweight, these vases can be easily relocated when it’s time to serve food, and there’s no need to be concerned about them toppling over due to their size.

6. Create a Centerpiece

Image courtesy of: bluejeanimages

Enhancing a center table or dining table with seasonal blooms or artificial flowers is a delightful way to infuse a room with both color and fragrance. Moreover, they serve as ideal accent pieces to adorn and enhance the interior decor. Note that while it’s always pleasant to have a vase on the dining room table when hosting, one can also adorn the sideboard with a few vases.

7. Colorful Vase Display

Vibrant vases provide an enchanting method to showcase lively blooms, crafting a vivid arrangement while also serving as a practical solution for hiding messy stems.

Image courtesy of: Rawpixel

A cluster of differently-sized and colorful vases creates a pretty display and makes a characterful addition to the interiors.

Image courtesy of: kathkarnowski

To create a breathtaking display, place a collection of them on a windowsill where they will sparkle in the sunlight.

Image courtesy of: annakhomulo

Various vases from the same series, featuring different colors and heights, come together to form an intriguing composition. Their slender necks look elegant but can hold only a limited number of flowers.

8. Arrange Sculptural Vases on the Table

Image courtesy of: svitlini

When curating the interiors with decorative vases, create rhythm and balance by incorporating vases of varying heights. Consider a single-color palette or opt for pieces with captivating sculptural shapes and textures. Alternatively, one can go for pieces from the same family but in different colors for a cohesive look.

9. A Tall Vessel for Artistic Branches

Image courtesy of: timofeevavalentina_foto

When enhancing your indoor spaces one can effortlessly craft a captivating sculptural centerpiece using just a few leafy branches. In this example, the tall vase has an earthy vibe and it is complemented with wheat spikelets.

10. Playful Pieces

Image courtesy of: natanavo

Vibrant hand-painted or unique-shaped vases form a beautiful display on the mantel, shelf, or side table. One can mix and match vases in various styles and materials to create an eye-catching arrangement. Whimsical vases can add a cheerful and playful touch to any interior making it a characterful addition.

11. Pair Vases with Different Heights

Image courtesy of: voronaman111

Go for floor vases in different heights just as in this image. For the spring and summer season, go for ceramics in nature-inspired textures and soothing tones like shades of blue or cream. Additionally, one can mix and match designs of different heights as the tall and short pieces impart a visually pleasing look.

12. On the Bedside Table

Image courtesy of: alinabuphoto

In this bedroom with a minimalist aesthetic, the bedside table incorporates a vase and transforms into a warm and inviting space.

13. On the Open Shelves

Image courtesy of: mariiaplosh

Enhance your open shelf with wall-color-matching vases by placing a vase on a lower shelf to add color and vibrancy to the interiors. For a longer-lasting arrangement, choose dried flowers, especially if the room lacks natural light. Hence one does not have to hide flower vases in a utility cabinet and can display them on open shelves or in a glass-fronted cabinet for an appealing and easily accessible presentation.

14. Add Tactility

Image courtesy of: liudmilas

These vases feature a three-dimensional pattern on their surfaces, introducing a tactile element to the interior decor. The timeless turquoise blue in a three-dimensional Criss cross design when paired with vibrant green plants, breathes life into the space.

15. Hanging Vases

Image courtesy of: Dimaberlin

Enhance your wall with multicolored hanging planters, creating a form of wall art that’s ideal for empty walls, adding character to them. The earthy hues of these planters can complement the decor, especially if it follows a nature-inspired color palette.

16. Add Pattern

Image courtesy of: kostiuchenko

The lively vase incorporates a design that adds visual appeal to a neutral environment. Make sure it complements the interior’s color palette to craft an energizing presentation. Unfilled vases can form striking arrangements, particularly when they boast charming hues, intricate sculptural shapes, and captivating textures.

17. Introduce Biophilia

Image courtesy of: Olesya22

This vase brings a touch of biophilia into the interior by incorporating vein-shaped patterns and a tactile quality on the golden vase. Leaf fronds further enhance the overall aesthetic.

Image courtesy of: avanti_photo

Just see how these vases, with assorted leaf-shaped designs and sizes, also imbue the interior with a biophilic atmosphere.

18. Infuse Tactility

Image courtesy of: oleksandrsh

Vases can introduce a tactile dimension to the interior, as seen here with the textured appearance of three distinct vase designs. While they exhibit variation, they share a common design theme.

19. Dual Color Vase

Image courtesy of: stockfilmstudio

A two-toned vase introduces color to the decor while harmonizing with the color scheme.

20. Metal Vase

Image courtesy of: ammarant

A metal vase not only adds a touch of luxury to the decor but can also function as a decorative object, and by adding branches, you can ensure they remain upright in tall vases.

These ideas will surely help you decorate your home with flower vases, a timeless decor accessory that has remained fashionable for centuries. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern setup or a vintage one, you’ll always find a vase to match your personal style.