This modular 360-degree seating collection provides an informal yet private approach to coworking!

Favaretto & Partners and Sunon designed a 360-degree office program known as D-series. D-series is not just a furniture collection, but a lifestyle system as well. It is a new co-working approach that is faster, and informal, but also focuses deeply on privacy! The system basically consists of different types of sofas and modular seating options.

The sofa collection comes in three versions – options with one type of sofa, two types of sofas, and three types of sofas. You can pick any version and mix and match it with the diverse modular seating options! The modular seating consists of tables, armrests, and other accessories. Screens, frames, and panels are also included, which can be used to provide privacy to the seating sections! The entire collection features soft and round shapes in subtle and soothing colors. This ensures that a warm, comforting and welcoming atmosphere is created in the office. Everyone can feel at ease while working on D-series. The seats have been injected with injection foam, and there are three height options for the backrest. So, comfort is definitely ensured while you work.

The innovative collection even won a 2020 Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaem as well! D-series is a modular seating collection that can be customized according to the needs and requirements of particular office space. It’s a versatile program that rates high on functionality, privacy, comfort, and aesthetics!

Designer: Favaretto & Partners and Sunon