Oddities in Furniture

Every once in a while, not often!, but sometimes, Yanko Design features a designer who’s more of an artist, more of a visionary looking in to a different dimension. This is one of those times. These particular bits of furniture were collected from the mind of Valentin Loellman, who looked deep inside his dreams, visions, and nightmares, then got some wood and nails and whipped up some neat stuff.

Mostly functional, too! Pick your way through this modge-podge of weirdness and find yourself right in the middle of a seat or table or on top of a dresser that is one of a kind.

I’m reminded of a quote from Weird Al: “You know what? Nobody in this small town appreciates a guy with a good imagination. Some day they’ll all be sorry. They’ll be eating breakfast or something and all of a sudden they’ll say, ‘Hey…!’ We screwed up! We never should have fired George Newman because he’s got imagination!”

And that’s my lesson on industrial design for today.

Designer: Valentin Loellmann





Past Memories Furniture by Valentin Loellmann