Stitch – Customizable Eyewear by Seungyoub Oh

In a society where each person strives to create his/her own fashion identity, mass produced fashion items fail to deliver consumer’s needs to be unique. In a competitive and saturated eyewear market, sheer volume of similar products forces even the most “unique” item to be common. By allowing consumers to design their own eyewear, “Stitch” breaks out of convention and gives each consumer power to create his/her truly unique eyewear. “Stitch” provides simple, modern shape with tiny holes on its frame that can easily be stitched with threads to create abundant designs. Own a pair of “Stitch” and step into a world of individuality.

Designer: Seungyoub Oh


  • Carlyle says:

    Where can i find these customize able shades and how much ?

  • Carly says:

    Mmmm no me gustan esas gafas.

    Lo q si esta weno, es el simbolo de I love New York


    Carly 🙂

  • liz says:

    ah so awsome i want some were can io get these i want 4

  • Preston J. Parsons says:

    So, first off, these eye glasses are absolutely beautiful. What is the pricing and availability of these? Also, I was wondering what one would have to do to get into eyeglass design.

  • Harsha says:

    hi……a very interesting concept……
    tho wearing them will be a lot of fun….don’t u think stitching is kind of impractical…

  • 300baud says:

    You’re not allowed to speak of practicality on this site.

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