Coffee For One Please

Need that delicious espresso to start your day? The Arietta is coffee for one. Made from materials familiar in the kitchen like wood, ceramic, and metal, the Arietta works like a stove stop espresso maker. Hot water from a pressure chamber is forced through another containing ground coffee and directly into a cup. A dial helps concentrate how strong you want it too. Quite svelte and sexy. I want one.

Designer: Christian Peder Torget

Espresso Coffee Maker by Christian Peder Torget




  • Mike says:

    Who knew that coffee had to be so complicated?

    Now how do I work this thing again?

  • Chris says:

    Awful design – ugly, over complex, insane part count, probably a pain to clean, just un-ethical.
    A small cafetiere will produce a fine cup of coffee, why must people keep on redesigning ways to do stuff like this!

  • brent says:

    All design and no flavor. Just ship mine directly to the landfill, thank you.

  • Joe says:

    Sweet I want one!

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