The world first’s health tracker that runs on your body’s energy and transforms any watch into a smartwatch unveiled at CES 2023

We’ve just ushered in 2023, and somehow (every single year without fail) the new year always brings along with it new fitness and health goals for us to achieve. On January 1st, we’re pretty motivated and full of ambition, but as the year goes on, maintaining a strict workout routine, and achieving your goals seems tougher and tougher altogether. But this is where health tech CAN play a significant role! And one such innovative health tech that grabbed my eyeballs, and could honestly help me get fitter in 2023 is Baracoda’s new BHeart, which was displayed at CES 2023.

Let’s be honest CES is probably one of the most exciting times of the year for all tech heads, and it always manages to satisfy our tech cravings with a whole bunch of revolutionary products. Daily health tech pioneer Baracoda added another product to this eclectic menagerie with BHeart – it’s latest health fitness tracker that could be Fitbit’s newest competition! Oh, and did we mention BHeart is the world’s first health tracker with an ‘endless’ battery?!

Designer: Baracoda

Now the word, ‘endless’ in association with the word battery has me piqued! Let’s investigate further. What makes BHeart’s battery endless is the fact that it uses YOUR body movements to charge itself, in turn reducing your electric bill and carbon emissions by manifolds. BHeart utilizes its patent-pending energy-harvesting technology to recharge itself with the help of motion, environmental light, and body heat. Honestly, this is a major boon for me, since I almost always forget to charge my smartwatch, and it’s pretty much dead every time I decide to head for a workout. The energy gathered by BHeart is used to power a wide range of sensors, that collect and transfer data about your health to the BHeart smartphone app. Compatible with iOS and Android, the BHeart app shares vital information not only about your health, but your activity level, sleep quality, and mental resilience as well.  Besides sharing these important insights with you, it also supplies you with simple and personalized advice to improve your daily health (if need be).

“The first health trackers were important for establishing that wearable technology can encourage healthier lifestyles, but we must reach more than athletes to improve public health,” said Thomas Serval, CEO of Baracoda. “People of all ages and fitness levels need easier ways to track their health, so we must design products that fit into everyone’s lifestyles, including people who don’t find today’s technology accessible or easy to maintain. Helping people become healthier shouldn’t demand they take on entirely new routines, and technology doesn’t have to be disposable to be low maintenance. We can build tech that lasts to build habits that last. It just has to be designed to fit into our existing lifestyles,” concluded Serval.

Usability and accessibility are the names of the game when it comes to BHeart. The health and fitness trackers found in today’s market are often complex to use, and even more complicated to interpret. This is what BHeart wants to change. It aims to be the next generation of daily health tech products, which are effortless to use, and seamlessly merge into your daily lifestyle and routine. It hopes to completely eliminate the barriers that prevent people from adopting health tech, simply because it is too difficult to understand and maneuver. BHeart is not only simple to use, simple to look at, but also simple to charge. In a world, where tech seems to be getting more and more complicated (which is not always a bad thing), BHeart is a breath of fresh air. It packs innovation and revolutionary tech into a form that is both minimal and hassle-free.

Besides helping us achieve and maintain an active lifestyle, BHeart’s energy-autonomous design led it to be awarded a CES Innovation Award in the sustainability category. The fitness tracker was also manufactured using plastic-free materials. Sustainable leather and premium quality lightweight alloys were selected for their durability. BHeart’s screenless design gives it a rather minimalist feel, and it can be worn as a part of a watch, or as a simple bracelet. Baracuda plans to release BHeart this April, priced at $100. Keep an eye out!