Copper jacket can protect you from the weather and diseases (even in space)

Jackets are more than just fashion accessories, especially if you live or visit areas with extreme weather conditions. We’re seeing a lot of brands that come up with lines that can withstand the cold, rain, snow, etc but also will make the wearers look good when sporting them. Volleback is one such brand and we’ve seen several products from them that use materials that are not the usual we see in most of these apparel. Now we’re getting a Full Metal Jacket that is made from one of the most advanced materials available – copper.

Designer: Volleback

When you think of a jacket made from copper, you might think it’s something pretty heavy and bulky. But the process that they made to use copper in this jacket line is pretty interesting. They used 11 kilometers of copper for each jacket, using copper that is both extremely strong and malleable at the same time. Rods of electrolytic industrial copper pass through a machine repeatedly and turns them into thin copper strands. These yarns are then layered with thin coats of lacquer and go through a 6-day curing process and then laminated with an advanced waterproof and breathable membrane called c_change®.

The entire jacket is made from 59.5% copper, 20% polyurethane, 20% polyamide, and 0.5% other metals and is waterproof (fully seam-sealed), windproof, and breathable. Each Full Metal Jacket has 2 fleece-lined zipped side pockets; 2 giant front bellows pockets with angled storm flaps, 2 zipped upper chest pockets concealed behind storm flaps, and 1 zipped internal pocket. Despite the seemingly heavy material and all these features, the jacket is not bulky at all and looks pretty lightweight. There are three colors available – black, copper, and silver.

The reason why they chose copper as a material for this edition is that it can be used for disease-resistant clothing since it’s biostatic. In fact, NASA is now experimenting with the material to create medical instruments that can be used in the International Space Station to protect astronauts. So if we eventually get to space in the future, then this jacket can also help protect us from infection and diseases.