The light that keeps on giving


Atelier ARI questions whether there’s more a light can do than just simply illuminating. The Pluglight, a result of having asked that question, gives the lighting device another much needed function by turning it into a power socket that hangs from the ceiling.

Made out of a clear cube of Acrylic, the Pluglight has a hole running through its center, which acts as a housing for the socket as well as the lamp. The outer surface remains clear whereas the cylindrical hole on the inside has a slight texture that helps in diffusing the light on the inside as well as concealing the ugly electronics to create a product that is clean and pure.

The added bonus with the Pluglight is with the plug-point hanging above your head, you eliminate wire clutter on your desk or your floor… but that means the wire plugs right into a socket hanging off your ceiling, so the convenience of that seems debatable… but with people like Atelier ARI and Sony (with their bluetooth speaker lightbulbs) extracting every bit of functionality out of a lightbulb socket, it seems like quite a win-win situation for everyone!

Designer: Atelier ARI