Smart pill dispenser concept safeguards your medicine from kids

Pill boxes and dispensers are becoming more common inside households, especially those with members that require daily medication for their health. The simplest designs are just containers with compartments for different days, but there are also more sophisticated machines that try to automate that routine so that you won’t forget to take your pills. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions takes into account unauthorized or accidental access to those medicines, especially by children for whom those drugs could very well be fatal. This smart pill dispenser concept tries to bring all those concerns together, offering not only a convenient tool but also a safe one for users as well as the people around them.

Designer: Anthony Chupp

The tedious work of taking medication regularly actually starts at the moment you allocate them for each day. Pill boxes and dispensers make it easier to dispense those pills and capsules, but they don’t exactly make it easy to fill them up in the first place. You might drop a pill or two on the floor in the process or, worse, drop them in the wrong compartment, forcing you to lose time trying to double-check and correct that mistake. We’re still a few steps away from a completely automated process that segregates and distributes those pills without human intervention, so any aid toward this part of the process will be significant, even if it still involves manually dropping in pills.

That’s the kind of help that the Cadence concept design offers, using a pharmacy-grade pill sorting plate that makes it easier to put pills where they belong. The specially-designed tray only has an opening for a single day so you don’t accidentally drop medicine inside compartments that have already been filled up. You can also just pour your pills on the tray and then use the built-in spatula to move the exact kind and number toward the opening.

The smart pill dispenser has 30 slots arranged like spokes around a wheel. When it’s time to dispense the day’s dosage, it releases the pills down a dropper shaped to guide the pieces into a cup or glass for collection. And then it turns the wheel so that tomorrow’s pills will be ready for the next round. The button to dispense the pills for the day is located at the top, out of the reach of kids, while locks prevent those same children from accidentally getting into the dispenser itself and scattering its contents.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a smart pill dispenser if it didn’t have any hi-tech features. When connected to a mobile device, Cadence will be able to keep track of your intake, calculating how many doses you have left or how many you’ve missed in that month. The dispenser itself has a small digital clock in the corner to take note of the time, and an LED light strip around the box that gently catches your attention when it comes time to take your medicine. Cadence isn’t exactly a sophisticated smart device, but it’s this balance of digital and analog methods that actually makes the design concept even more effective.