This 2-way Dash Cam keeps an eye on the road and the inside your car with 2K video + Sony night vision

The outward-facing 2K camera helps capture the road ahead in stunning detail while the inner 1080p camera records your own episode of Carpool Karaoke! VAVA’s 2K Dual Dash Cam ticks off several boxes. The cameras stay active 24/7, and can automatically detect and record an accident (even when you’re not in the car or when the car’s parked). The camera also comes with a snapshot button that lets you easily click pictures or record videos on demand, with all the footage the camera records going straight to your smartphone for storing, reviewing, and sharing – either on social media or with the authorities.

Designer: Lauren Long

Click Here to Buy Now: $159.99 $199.99 ($40 off with coupon code “YANKO”)

It’s surprising that dashcams don’t come built into every single car. Portable cameras have existed long before CD players have, right? Well, be that as it may, the lack of integrated dashcams in most cars makes it necessary to design products tailor-made to the different needs of the people using them, just like VAVA has. The 2-camera setup of the VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam is perfect for capturing what’s happening both inside and outside the car, working wonderfully to film fun road-trip videos for the average driver, and acting as a neat security measure for Uber/Lyft and other cab drivers.

The front and rear cameras are fitted with Sony sensors that can record at 30fps (to capture things your eyes could miss in a blink), as well as 4 IR lights to help them record in low-light settings, and an internal GPS to add location metadata to your videos. A G-sensor within the cameras instantly kicks in when the dashcam detects an accident or collision, and the camera instantly begins saving the video to your camera roll (it saves pre-rolled footage too), working even when the engine is powered off, and automatically locking the data for insurance claims. The wide-angle front camera and the rear-facing camera have quite the expansive POV, capturing everything ahead of you, behind you, and beside you.

The VAVA Dual Dash 2K Cam attaches to any windshield using a high-strength suction pad. A neat wire-management system lets you connect the camera to your car’s power supply, and a driver-facing mini-display lets you see what the camera sees, working as a bonafide digital rear-view mirror. The dashcam sports an easy-access control panel on its base that lets you navigate the interface as well as switch off the rear-camera for privacy reasons, and a steering-wheel-mounted Snapshot Remote that lets you instantly click photos and videos without taking your hands off the wheel. The dashcam comes with its own SD card for offline video storage, although all the videos you save are instantly sent to the VAVA app on your phone too! And just in case you’re wondering, yes, you can live-stream the camera feed right to your Facebook or Instagram for the ultimate road-trip or carpool-karaoke vlog!

Click Here to Buy Now: $159.99 $199.99 ($40 off with coupon code “YANKO”)