Here’s How Ten Thousand Islands Built Probably the Best Multi-purpose Shoe

The ‘best multi-purpose travel shoe’ is, if nothing, a very bold claim. In an industry that pumps billions into material research as well as human research, being able to step out and claim to have built arguably the best leisure shoe, period, takes a lot. Ten Thousand Islands claims that the Freestate is the best of all worlds. It’s comfortable, flexible, stylish, low-cost, high-endurance, and fits seamlessly into both work and casual scenarios.

The hybrid shoe (I give it that title for its multipurpose nature) looks and feels comfortable. The elastic construction in the heel expands and contracts to hug your sole, allowing the Freestate to be worn comfortably with or without socks, while the shoe itself fits like one, wrapping around your food much like a second skin. Built with breathable neoprene and flexible TPU, the Freestate can quite literally be worn anywhere in any time of the year. Designed to be waterproof, the Freestate comes with an inner lining built from a proprietary material called Freeflow, that helps your shoe dry fast. The TPU, Neoprene and Rubber construction remain unaffected by water, allowing you to practically go swimming in the Freestate shoes. With a sole crafted from Phylon, the shoe feels like an extension of your foot, allowing you to bend and flex your foot naturally with abandon, while giving you great grip, thanks to Phylon’s non-slip ability.

Ultimately, the superiorly functional Freestate is also lighter than conventional shoes/sneakers, given that it’s built using the state-of-the-art Strobel sewing technique. The resulting shoes are durable, flexible, and much lighter than other shoes. The Freestate shoes are also washing-machine friendly, and its Freeflow inner lining will dry the shoes out almost instantly.

Built with both vivid and conventional color schemes, the Freestate serves well as a holiday shoe, or for leisure wearing at home, or even for a casual day at work. Whether worn for extensive travel, outdoor use, or just simply lazing around, the Freestate can perform under all conditions… and given that they serve well both indoors and outdoors, on land and in water, and at both work and play, one might just be able to say, with a good amount of conviction, that the guys at Ten Thousand Islands built the best multi-purpose travel shoe.

Designer: Nicola Marshall-Jones of Ten Thousand Islands

Click here to Buy Now: $79 $134 (41% off).


Ultra-lightweight (8oz/227g), water friendly and quick drying, Freestate by Ten Thousand Islands is the very first resort shoe. A shoe created for hot summer days and cool summer nights.


Its classic design, rooted firmly in the sneaker culture combined with their unique heel design in a range of traditional and summer colors that take you from Pool to beach to bar in comfort and style.


Freestate is made using a shoe construction method called Strobel, which gives the shoe its amazing flexibility and helps to reduce its overall weight.

Combined with the lightweight mesh and their signature Freeflow lining it gives you one very light and very flexible shoe that allows the foot to remain cool at any temperature. It also dries much faster than a regular sneaker.


Feel comfortable on and off the plane, and have a spontaneous dive into a pool. It’s also Vegan friendly – no animal products have been used in the manufacturing process.

With Freestate you can put away the band-aid when you decide to go sockless – they removed the regular shoe heel and replaced it with a soft feel elastic that holds and cushions the heel of your foot and it won’t distort or lose grip no matter how many times you wear them.


In Jet Black.


Steel Grey.


Pristine White.


Vacation Blue.


Split Sun Yellow.


Holiday Pink.


Midnight Navy.


Military Green.


Click here to Buy Now: $79 $134 (41% off).