Zen-inspired aesthetic coffee maker concept may give you a peaceful morning

One of the best ways to start the day is by enjoying a cup of coffee when you wake up while things haven’t started becoming busy yet. But a lot of times, I wake up late and hurriedly go through my morning routine and sometimes I’m not even able to grab that crucial cup of caffeinated goodness. What if the things that you use for your morning (or evening) coffee routine is something that can bring you an added source of peace and tranquility so your day can actually start (or end) right?

Designer: Suckhand Saren

This is the exact idea behind the concept for a set of coffee makers aptly called Zenbrew. The goal is to achieve a zen-like mood while you’re brewing your coffee and while you’re sipping your cup in peace. Using a combination of minimalist design, elegant aesthetics, and of course much needed functionality. The designer wanted to elevate what is simply the act of brewing coffee into a “sensory experience” but keeping it simple, elegant, and peaceful. The main design inspiration is the hourglass which is not always a symbol of zen but when combined with the minimalist aesthetic, it actually fits the concept.

There seems to be two kinds of coffee makers in the concept. The first one is closer to the usual coffee maker that we see in the market with the carafe with the handle but with a glass dome at the top where the brewing magic happens. The other design seems to be a combination of a pour over device and a bunsen burner. The carafe is a bit smaller and with a straight handle rather than a curved one. Both designs also have a futuristic, space-like feel which may also contribute to the other worldly zen you may experience while brewing and drinking your coffee.

While having coffee makers as aesthetic as this will not guarantee I’ll have a peaceful morning, it might actually help me get up earlier. Having a nice coffee maker, along with delicious coffee beans and other ingredients, are sometimes enough incentive for me to try and have an unhurried morning routine. Wake me up when this concept actually gets made into coffee machines.