Caffeine for the Soul


Here in India, we use the phrase “Ghar ka khana” for home made food. There’s a certain comfort in eating food prepared at home, and nothing can replace that. I have the same theory with my beverages. Normally a tea guy myself, I absolutely relish the tea that I get at home. Nothing I do can replicate that same taste outside home. Imagine if a machine, with its ability to impeccably reproduce things, could learn the way you like your drinks, and make them for you exactly the way you want them. The Auroma has that ability. Coffee drinkers can often be as finicky as wine connoisseurs. The Auroma realizes that and doesn’t break a sweat. It will learn your coffee preferences over time, delivering absolutely delicious caffeinated (or decaf, whatever you want, your highness) beverages for you to sip on and brood deeply over life related things.

The Auroma will also curate and recommend beans for you from their expanding coffee platform. You’re going to be absolutely spoiled for choice!

Designer: Auroma Brewing Company