How this automated hydroponics indoor garden brings you healthy greens all year round

We’re all advised to add more fruits and veggies into our diets, but markets and even nature itself seem to be working against us. Fresh food is harder to come by, and going to supermarkets has become even more of a chore than it already was before. Online shopping is, of course, expensive, and we are rarely sure about the quality and safety of the greens we buy from stores. We’d plant these ourselves, but then we’d still be at the mercy of weather, seasons, and our aching backs. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with this ingenious combination of nature and technology that lets you enjoy a bountiful harvest of fresh, healthy food right inside your home, no matter the season.

Designer: Tilden Cooper (Assoc. AIA)

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Growing plants indoors have become a bit popular in the past years as people found themselves stuck at home with very little to do outside of work or school. It didn’t take long for succulents to be replaced by edibles as the benefits of homegrown vegetables, herbs, and even fruits became more apparent. Growing these healthy greens the traditional way, however, is not only very difficult but also horribly inefficient, which is why an innovative product like Nutraponics is needed to make such a vital part of our nutrition practically effortless.

Nutraponics is what one would call an automated hydroponics garden system, which is to say it’s a self-sustaining indoor garden that uses water-based solutions instead of soil to grow plants. Of course, that barely scratches the surface of what Nutraponics can do, which is to grow, nurture, and monitor your darling veggies for you. All you need to do is plant the seeds, set the parameters you want, and practically forget it until it’s time to harvest those fresh, delicious, and nutritious greens.

This miracle garden appliance harnesses the power of multiple technologies, making them work in perfect harmony to ensure the growth of plants in its care. The Grow Ring that encircles the tower, for example, delivers a balanced light spectrum that supports all stages of a plant’s life cycle, from seedling to fruiting, in an energy-efficient manner that doesn’t generate too much heat. An electronically controlled water pump delivers nutrient-rich water directly to the roots of the plant using a patent-pending water distribution panel, ensuring that plants get the nourishing fluids they need exactly when they need it.

Best of all, all of these happen without requiring your attention or intervention, at least until it’s time to refill the water. That doesn’t mean you’re not part of the process though. Thanks to Nutraponics’ advanced and precise monitoring system, it can keep a close watch on important factors like temperature, pH levels, nutrient solution quality, water levels, and more. It will bring concerns to your attention before they become problems, allowing you to quickly step in to replenish the nourishing water or any other matter that needs to be resolved.

With Nutraponics, you can enjoy 3x faster plant growth and 40% greater yields, ensuring you’ll have a fresh supply of your favorite herbs and greens when you need them, all year round. And with its small footprint, this indoor garden doesn’t just get out of your way but also adds a beautiful piece of decoration to your home. Why settle for dubious and expensive supermarket greens when you can grow them quickly at home with minimal effort, thanks to the Nutraponics self-sustaining indoor garden.

Click Here to Buy Now: $799 $1,599 ($800 off exclusive to YD readers only). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!