Glossy egg-shaped waste bin with three compartments is the future of waste disposal

Have you ever truly paid attention to the wastebin you place in your home or the one that’s in your office space? I mean, we do pay some amount of attention while selecting a bin for our homes, but I don’t believe we give it the due diligence it truly deserves. We often tend to pick up the one that simply does the job – holds your waste, until you decide to throw it away. However, this is where the Ovetto wastebin promises to be different! The interesting-looking product is designed to be a waste and recycling bin that gives tough competition to the conventional bins we see everywhere.

Designer: Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign

Designed by GianlucaSoldi for SoldiDesign, the Ovetto waste bin is an intriguing egg-shaped waste and recycling bin that has a rather sculptural and quirky appeal to it. Named after the Italian word for egg, the Ovetto waste bin features an oval-shaped form and includes three compartments to support and allow the easy and efficient sorting and disposal of waste and recyclable rubbish.

Users simply need to push one of the three circular hatches and drop their waste into the bin. The sides of the bin can be hinged open to provide access to remove the waste, once it is full. An integrated bottle crusher has been placed on the crown of the bin. It has been cleverly hidden away. The bin’s curved shell allows it to look like an elegant sculptural piece when it is not being used. It looks like a statuesque statement piece, rather than a functional object that needs to be hidden away from sight.

“Gianluca envisioned a world where elegant design objects will improve recycling habits and allow positioning of the bin in stylish interiors, without compromising on the functionality of the product,” said SoldiDesign. The Ovetto waste bins are available in a wide variety of different finishes, including Galà, which features glossy finishes and rich colors, making it a sleek and sophisticated addition to any space. The versatile Ovetto waste bins can be placed in residential and work environments, owing to their classic sculptural aesthetic.