A More Pleasant Way to Start Your Day


Waking up to the gentle, melodic song of a bird is far better than the repetitive blare of the alarm on our phones, but for city dwellers, the latter is sometimes our only option… until now!

THE BIRD is a beautifully designed alarm clock that allows for the user to wake pleasantly to the distinctive song of a bird, no matter where they live! Not only does this lead to a potentially better start to their day but also stops the phone-screen from being the first thing that the user sees each morning!

The seemingly, button-free design may have you asking questions regarding operation… but that’s all been considered; set-up and control are all done on the user’s smartphone, which can rest on the wireless-charging base. The alarm is snoozed or turned off by lifting the wooden bird off its perch, a wonderful method of interacting with the device!

As well as acting as a far more relaxing alternative to the cacophony of noise that usually comes from our alarms, it also makes for a lovely addition to the room!

Designer: Baptiste Maingon of Miio Studio