Chishu 2X is a modern granny designed to read bedtime stories to your tiny tots

‘There is no friend as loyal as a book,’ but the benefits of reading and the entire idea of owning books are taking a back seat nowadays. The shift of entertainment forms to digital speeds has made our free time busier and immersed our reading hours in reels. The biggest sufferers of this neglect and transformation are kids who remain devoid of bedtime stories and instead are fixated on the screens, swiping through reels and videos with little quality to improve concentration or cultivate the habit of reading.

Taking advantage of all the benefits of reading is essentially impossible going forward. Of course, some parents have managed to keep the routine of reading bedtime stories to their kids; it’s really not a norm anymore. Chishu audiobook player was idealized to help children relive the losing charm of someone reading stories in bed to them. And following the humble recognition of the concept, it is now reimagined with new colors and approach.

Designer: Chanie Liao

Enter Chishu 2X audiobook player, a humble, handy device that wants to improve children’s concentration and cultivate in them the habit of listening to books, at least. The pocket-sized player, equipped with a specially designed story card, is tailored for children below the age of 12. A child can insert the card in a dedicated slot, tune the player to their audio liking, and play the story content while being engrossed in some secondary activity or playing.

The curved, interactive design of the Chishu 2X shortens the distance between children and the audiobook player, making it their storyteller capable of ‘immersing them in the world of stories’ at an early age. To make it more adaptable amid the little ones, the device comes in various base colors. However, each functional area on the device – the story card slot; volume rocker; skip next knob; and the speaker grill – all come in different color options, making the entire package fun to hold and playful to interact with.

Taking of interaction; the little window display in the top right, where the story card slots in from the top, kids can keep tab on the story they’re listening to. The speaker system of the new Chishu 2X has been upgraded and embedded within a lighter and more drop-resistant molded metal body, rendering the device suitable even for older children and young adults to explore.