Rimowa and La Marzocco partner to create the most stylish espresso machine

Coffee machines and luggage aren’t necessarily two things that you think of that go together. Sure, when you travel, you get to experience different kinds of coffee places but you don’t necessarily lug around all your coffee paraphernalia. Well, some people actually do, but they’re the exception. When it comes to design though, coffee machines and expensive luggage aren’t really that distant so it’s interesting to see what a collaboration between two brands of those categories would look like.

Designer: Rimowa x La Marzocco

Look no further as we’re getting a Rimowa x La Marzocco Linea Mini coffee machine that brings the best of both worlds into a limited edition product. The exterior features the classic aluminum groove look and silver steel that we’re used to seeing in Rimowa suitcases but this time it’s used in the Linea Mini, a professional-grade kitchen-scaled espresso machine. Most of the parts of this machine are crafted from anodized aluminum. In fact, each of the machines are handcrafted for around 40 hours in Florence, Italy. The grooved panels were actually built in the Rimowa factory in Cologne and then assembled and installed by hand in La Marzocco’s workshop.

When it comes to features, it’s your typical espresso machine that can give you your much needed caffeine fix. Only this one has more style because of the addition of Rimowa’s signature look to what’s already a pretty stylish La Marzocco aesthetic. Both of them have their branding on the base and the frame of the machine. The minimalist aluminum feel plus the bespoke accents like the hot water tap and knobs gives off a very high-end Italian coffee shop vibe.

The Rimowa x La Marzocco Linea Mini was displayed at the recently concluded Milan Design Week. You can apparently already pre-order the machine although it’s not indicated how much and where you can actually place your order. Because these two brands are coming together, expect that the price to own a stylish espresso machine will be steep.