This multifunctional desk features entertainment and work modules to help you switch off from work mode

The Layout desk is a multifunctional workspace that comes with various entertainment and work modules to blur the line between WFH and play.

WFH has transformed our desks into micro versions of our homes. Blurring the line between work and play, spending so much time at home has made our desks representative entertainment systems, craft stations, and storage bins all in addition to first functioning as our workspaces. With so many WFH-inspired desk concepts coming out, a team of designers aimed to build the Layout, a modular desk that can do it all, and then some.

Inspired by the blurring of work and play in WFH spaces, Juwon Kim, Jiwon Song, and Eunsang Lee framed Layout with a translucent, corrugated exterior finish that immediately catches the eye. Wrapped in sea green, the Layout desk is modular by design to incorporate a plethora of different work and entertainment features. The Layout desk is topped off with an upper cover that’s designed to conceal the workspace after the workday’s done.

When you’re still getting in those hours, though, the Layout desk’s upper cover folds up and functions as a partition to create some privacy and a sense of spatial boundaries for the workspace. When closed, the desk features a front display panel, similar to the Mac’s Touch Bar, where users can add widgets to play with after work. The widgets range from a music player, clock, and micro-control grid. But all the fun is also kept underneath the desk’s cover.

Different modules outfit the inside of the Layout desk, bringing a mix of practical and leisure modules. The light controller and paperclip modules, for example, operate the desk’s interior glow light and create storage space for small stationery items respectively. Phone charging and calendar modules make it easy to stay connected and on top of your schedule while working and a pencil holder creates some more storage space.

Then, the desk’s music modules take the form of a CD player and accompanying speaker for slow jam, ambient music while you work. Finally, an electronic memo pad is also worked into the desk’s modular interior, so you can always keep note of your day-to-day.

Designers: Juwon Kim, Jiwon Song, and Eunsang Lee

Layout’s team of designers took the traditional desk form and topped it off with a lid to incorporate entertainment and work modules.

The translucent, corrugated cover for the Layout desk speaks to the designers’ inspiration in blurring the line between WFH and play.

The Layout desk’s top lid draws back like an awning to provide a partition. 

Inside the desk’s storage space, an integrated glowing light keeps the workspace bright.

When closed, users can enjoy the desk’s touch bar control panel, which comes with default clock and music widgets. 

Users can add their own widgets to the control panel to optimize its usability. 

The integrated memo pad module allows users to keep notes of their daily goings-on.

The light dimmer adjusts the desk’s interior light, while a paperclip storage bin provides space to store small stationery items.