Golf-inspired luxury mechanical watch boasts a shapeshifting face that changes every day

I assume that there’s a significant overlap between the watchlover demographic and the golf-playing demographic. Both of them are indicators of high-society, and people who love golf or watches don’t hesitate to flaunt their interests. Designed for specifically that intent, the Byrne Gyro Dial Golf timepiece combines the love for time and turf into one gorgeous mechanical design. The watch comes with a grassy dial, featuring a 3D watch face that tells the time while also highlighting its mechanical prowess. The dial boasts an open-worked rotor at the center, with four mechanical number cubes on the top, bottom, left, and right. As the day passes, the cubes rotate to ‘refresh’ the watch face, alternating between Roman and conventional numbers, and even replacing them with golf balls or golf clubs. Every day, the watch changes its face, giving you something new to look forward to each day, and something to brag about when you’re showing your timepiece off to your friends on the green…

Designer: Byrne

Byrne’s Gyro collection is known for its dynamic displays. Unlike conventional watches with static dials, the Gyro Dial features four rotating cubes that change faces every 24 hours, revealing new designs. The Golf edition takes this a step further by incorporating miniature golf-themed engravings on these cubes.

Imagine glancing at your wrist and seeing classic Roman numerals one day, then playful golf clubs (driver, iron, sand wedge, putter) the next. The watch even features miniature, intricately detailed golf balls with realistic dimples. For traditionalists, sporty Arabic numerals are also included in the rotation.

This unique display isn’t just about aesthetics. The rotating cubes are a feat of engineering. To accommodate the additional weight of the miniature sculptures, Byrne has refined their automatic Calibre 5555 movement. This Swiss-made marvel ensures smooth and precise daily rotations.

The Byrne Gyro Dial Golf is housed in a sleek, 41.7mm grade 5 titanium case with a green-tinted main plate that subtly references the golf course. The sapphire caseback offers a glimpse into the intricate workings of the movement, showcasing its open-worked rotor with elegant finishes.

A comfortable green rubber strap completes the sporty look. Limited to just 24 pieces, the Gyro Dial Golf has a starting price of CHF 25,000 (approx $27,500 USD).