Minimal Metallic Bar Stool Celebrates The Rawness Of Aluminum & A Simple Construction System

Switching out bulky chairs in my home for compact convenient little stools has become my newfound love. Stools deserve to be given way more credit than they get, cause they pack a punch in their small form. Stools are often overlooked, maybe because they occupy minimum space, and aren’t overbearing. But these traits are what make stools so great in my opinion! I mean, they’re compact, and a great space-saving furniture option for our modern homes. They are also super portable. Bar stools are also pretty great, not just for sitting on the bar, but they can be placed in different sections of your home, where they can function as convenient seating solutions while also adding some spunk to your space. And a great bar stool you may want to look at is the Foundation bar stool by Bestcase.

Designer: Bestcase

Designed by the American brand Bestcase, the Foundation bar stool is a beautiful celebration of the rawness of aluminum, and the simple manufacturing techniques used to build it. It was designed by Bestcase co-founder Charles Constantine and was unveiled in 2022 as a part of a collection that was crafted from aluminum sheet material.  The minimal and sturdy stool features scaled-up sheets that are bent via a technique that is traditionally utilized to add some structure and solidity to thinner materials. This displays the structural as well as decorative qualities of aluminum, and how it can be durable and strong, while also retaining some aesthetic value.

The Foundation bar stools are equipped with mechanical connections, and a raw satin waxed aluminum finish or a powder-coated color. Bestcases describes the Foundation bar stool as “an exercise in simplicity”, and it quite beautifully celebrates the exceptional material properties of aluminum. The Foundation stool is customizable in depth, width, and height, and its sturdy structure allows seat backs and upholstery to be added to the frame.

The Foundation bar stool showcases a simple construction system, and the rawness and strength of aluminum. It has no additional frills or tassles, and only relies on the structural integrity and choice of the material to elevate the design and allow it to truly shine through.