Ultra-Light Tactical Titanium Pocket Knife Tips Scales at Just 1.3 Ounces

There are multiple schools of thought when it comes to pocket knives – you’ve got one school that says pocket knives (or any EDC) should be highly rugged, durable, and scary-looking so as to fend off enemies. Another says that pocket knives should serve as multitools that have a myriad of functions to help you overcome any situation. The third school of thought, and the one that I subscribe to personally, is that a pocket knife should be useful when you need it, and invisible when you don’t. The SerpBlade falls squarely into the third school of thought while teasing the first two ever so slightly. At 37 grams or 1.3 ounces, the SerpBlade is lighter than an empty AirPods case (that’s for you metric-hating folks!), but it packs a scalpel blade at one end, and a tungsten steel glass breaker at the other end. It’s also made of titanium and carbon fiber, two of the most durable and resilient materials known to mankind. Whether it’s opening boxes or defending yourself from life-threatening situations, the SerpBlade comes in very handy, and when you’re done, its lightweight compact design disappears into your pocket like thin air.

Designer: TrekGear

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The beauty of the SerpBlade lies in its sheer simplicity. Come and think about it, all of the pocket knife’s features can be broken down into four distinct parts – its blade, its glass-breaker, its materials, and the overall design.

The SerpBlade strangely enough doesn’t come with a blade built-in. Instead, it relies on any standard scalpel-style surgical blade that snaps right into the knife’s blade holder. Made from surgical steel, these blades are ridiculously sharp (ask any doctor or surgeon), and can handle everything from cardboard and paper to even cutting through wood. Readily available pretty much everywhere, the surgical scalpel blades come in a variety of profiles, so you can choose a shape that suits your needs best. A drop-point or clip-point is usually the crowd favorite, but a nice tanto-style blade really gives the SerpBlade a wicked demeanor. The fact that the SerpBlade ditches a built-in blade for a removable one gives you two significant advantages – for starters, you don’t need to worry about ever having to sharpen your blade again. If a blade grows dull or even breaks, simply ditch it for a new one. It’s simple, fast, and frankly, sustainable because you aren’t throwing out an entire knife just because the blade is damaged or dull. The second major advantage is that the SerpBlade, as a result, is TSA-friendly, as now you can simply ditch the blade and carry the EDC with you while traveling anywhere.

Flip the knife over and you’ve got a tungsten-steel glass-breaker on the reverse end. A great addition to the SerpBlade (I don’t know why more EDC knives don’t have glass breakers in them), this little feature comes in extremely handy when you need to make a quick getaway. The glass-breaking tip can easily shatter through hard laminated glass panels like the ones found in cars, giving you the ability to easily escape in the case of an emergency. The sharp surgical blade CAN cut through seatbelts too, although a serrated knife or a seatbelt cutter would be much more suited to the specific task at hand.

The materials play a crucial role in the SerpBlade’s appeal, given that they allow the knife to be durable, maneuverable, and so easy-breezy to use that you’ll find yourself reaching for the SerpBlade over other EDC knives. The pocket knife comes with a titanium armature that’s sandwiched between a two-piece carbon fiber handle. Sure, this makes the knife lightweight, it also makes the knife incredibly durable (you’re sure to use it for a lifetime if not more), but the combination of titanium and carbon fiber allows the SerpBlade to also be fire-resistant, waterproof, and corrosion-proof. Titanium doesn’t rust or oxidize the way steel does, and both titanium and carbon fiber can resist high temperatures while also being relatively inert to chemicals. In short, your lightweight knife is also 10-20x more durable than an all-steel knife or a steel knife with wooden handles.

On the design front, the SerpBlade is as slim and slender as they come. At 81mm in length (just over 3 inches), the SerpBlade is the perfect blend between compact and ergonomic. A deep pocket clip allows you to securely carry your SerpBlade in your pocket, and a lanyard hole (that’s now been added to the final design) lets you attach your SerpBlade to a carabiner or paracord too. It was built to be your trusty sidekick for trekking, camping, hunting, gardening, wilderness survival, emergency use, and even something as benign as opening boxes and envelopes or papercraft.

The knife features a single-handed flip-to-open mechanism that deploys in under a second, letting you go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. A roller bearing mechanism makes the flip-out buttery smooth, while a liner lock holds the blade in place while you’re using the knife, ensuring it doesn’t shut on you mid-job. The titanium arm that holds the surgical scalpel blade lets you change blades in a jiffy too. All you need to do is slide out the old blade and add a new one and you’re good to go. Change blades whenever an old one goes dull or breaks, or even if you’re in the mood for something different!

The SerpBlade comes in a single color, although each carbon fiber handle has a unique flake pattern that differs from knife to knife. The EDC starts at a discounted $59, which includes the pocket knife itself, along with ten No.23 surgical blades included. The Serpblade ships globally for free starting July 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $79 (25% off) Hurry! Only 9 days left.