Apple Peripherals Don’t Have to Look “Apple”

The Kanto Morph speakers were originally designed by Alp Germaner for a competition but he missed the fine print about it being a “skin design” only and so it was relegated to languish in the dark corners of his hard drive – that is, until we got our hands on it. Look, for once it’s a design not about nostalgia. It’s not ostensibly minimalistic and it’s contemporary. Yes it’s an iPhone/iPod dock but who says all Apple peripherals have to look like Cupertino designed them? I applaud his aberrant design choices.

Designer: Alp Germaner


  • Brian Joseph says:

    Thanks for stealing the buttons off my iHome iP1! You modeled the rest of the product so nicely…

  • gdw says:

    Hi Brian, 🙂 , i worked on a countertop IP1 display for point of sale market which is manufactured . stole the docking frm that 3d file to present the idea for the concept , thank you for your comment.

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