Horticulture Therapy

Nuum is a planter designed for individuals to explore their restorative possibilities through human and plant interaction. Confused?In a nutshell, it’s a self watering planter. Inspiration came from horticultural therapy. Horticultural therapy involves a therapist assisting their patient in achieving a goal of both emotional and/or physical healing using plants and gardening techniques.

Nuum’s simplicity in its function and form allows the user to feel at ease and security when interacting with the plant. A key component in horticultural therapy is to not over whelm the user or cause any distress.

Each individual planter includes 4 soil pucks (peat pellets), and 4 seed sticks with instructions.

Designer: Lavinia Chu

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YnddMJ80ec 600 451]