Lamborghini and Babolat design limited edition racquet for unmatchable on court experience

When the automotive finesse of Lamborghini and the sporting innovation of Babolat come together, the result is something magical. Yes, the two proven giants of their niches have designed a limited edition padel racquet that’s second to none. The sporting equipment hones the Italian automotive marques’ carbon fiber manufacturing prowess and the expertise of Babolat’s racquet technology. It took a joint research of six months to develop the racquet.

The stylish BL001 racquet inspired by the sportscar chassis is made for enthusiasts with deep pockets who believe they’ll get an edge over their friendly opponents on the court. The model will be limited to just 50 units worldwide, making it a prized possession for tennis lovers and collectors alike. This will be the first model in the collection set to have two future models – the BL002 and BL003.

Designer: Lamborghini and Babolat

Rarely do you see a padel racquet with such a streamlined shape, of course, the unparalleled peripheral monocoque frame flowing down the handle is the reason. The racquet is lightweight, yet it packs a punch and exceptional ball speed is guaranteed. So, will this racquet turn your shady tennis-playing skills into tournament-winning sprees? Definitely not, as it will only brush up your skills and make it easy for you to impart backhands and forehands with maximum power and spin.

One thing is for sure, though, once you get this racquet in your hand, the game will be more enjoyable and comfort is also guaranteed even after long stints of rallies. Since we are talking of Babolat here, the thing is completely handcrafted and rigorously tested by the in-house experts. Even if you don’t fair well with this baby in your hand, the onlookers will be mesmerized by the Lamborghini colors – Giallo Auge, Verde Viper, Arancio Livrea, Viola Pasifae, and Verde Gea. Boy they look so cool!

We should soon have a word about the pricing and availability of the Babolat BL001 racquet.