How this innovative 3-in-1 tent system makes outdoor camping as comfy as being indoors

There has been a great deal of interest in enjoying the wide outdoors once again, especially now that some modern conveniences are already available. Solar-powered portable batteries and small appliances give access to gadgets, cold drinks, and even a hair dryer while off the grid. That said, you will still have to wrestle with the elements, which can be unpredictable, not to mention bugs and rocks that make sleeping under the stars feel less romantic than it sounds. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or your sanity to be able to proudly say you’ve experienced outdoor camping, especially with this 3-in-1 outdoor tent that makes you feel at home even if you’re far from home.

Designer: Donny Dong

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Truth be told, having access to electricity is secondary compared to having proper and comfortable shelter when camping outdoors. Common tents simply provide the basics of putting a flimsy roof over our heads, while campers are too much of an investment for just the occasional outdoor adventure. It almost seems as if having a comfortable indoor-like experience outdoors is just a dream, but that dream is finally coming true with the Space Acacia, a modern camping system that delivers a spacious weatherproof tent, a comfortable and durable air floor, and a temperature adjusting canopy to keep the rain and cold away, all in a single, portable package.

Expedition Grade Inflatable Air Floor – The heavy-duty 4-ply air floor is designed to handle the toughest conditions, including rocks and rugged terrains.

Maximum capacity of over 4000 lbs.

Built for the Wind – Level 8 wind resistance, PU2000 water protection and CPAI-84 compliant fire protection.

The Acacia tent is chock-full of innovative features, each one contributing to the comfort and safety of its occupants. The unconventional hexagonal shape not only provides more space but better stability as well, able to withstand level 8 winds, while its Oxford 300D material will keep you protected from downpours of up to 2,000mm. Best of all, setting up the tent only takes around 20 minutes thanks to an ingenious pop, push, and pull mechanism. And when the adventure is all done, the Space Acacia folds up and easily fits into pickups, SUVs, and even mid-sized vans.

The patented air ventilation structure enables speedy airflow so you can feel the summer breeze. The canopy helps maintain a 10℉ warmer temperature than the outside when in its close-on position.

The tent’s Air Floor is a true wonder, redefining comfort in outdoor camping. The carpeted and inflatable floor is made up of a heavy-duty 4-ply construction that’s similar to those used in expedition-grade inflatable kayaks. With PU2000 waterproof coating and a maximum capacity of 4,000lbs, the Air Floor not only stays clean and dry, it can even handle the kids who might have just had too much sugar before bedtime. As a bonus, the Air Floor also lets the Acacia float on water, making it perfect for fishing as well.

Beyond Land – With its inflatable air floor, the Space Acacia can effortlessly float on water.

Last but definitely not least, the Acacia’s large canopy protects you and your family or friends from even the harshest of unexpected weather changes. It provides SPF50+ protection when the sun is blazing but keeps the heat inside when it’s freezing outside. When draped and closed around the tent, it can keep the temperature inside 10℉ warmer than the outside, making the Space Acacia ideal for use no matter the season or time of year. With 12 fun color options to choose from and two size models that can accommodate as many as three or six persons, the Space Acacia revolutionizes the outdoor camping experience by providing not only convenience but also the same comfort and safety that you enjoy indoors.

Click Here to Buy Now: $969 $1236 ($267 off). Hurry, the exclusive deal is for YD readers only! Raised over $920,000.