Genimax HR off-road trailer is versatile enough to wear skis and tow behind a snowmobile

Tiny off-road trailers have their own charm. They provide a quaint way to live a weekend amid the trees out in the wilderness, where your ATV or an off-roading vehicle can go. This adventurous freedom is cut short for some months of the year when the snow blankets the earth. But with the Genimax HR, the fun is never going to be limited, thanks to its ability to wear skis and ride on snow behind your snowmobile.

Given the core functionality, the Genimax HR – an affordable pop-up roof camper – is developed for around-the-year camping. The lightweight body, made from aluminum and rust-resistant, durable composite materials, renders this 375 lbs (170 kg) trailer camper to go places without a fuss. Measuring some 60 inches in width (48 inches on snow), the camper rides on a high-performance independent suspension, which provides handsome ground clearance to enhance its off-road ability and be the skill to ride smoothly on snow.

Designer: Genimax Trailers

Designed specifically as a “ready-to-camp solution to go on an adventure with his little family,” the HR is the brainchild of Genimax Trailers, which has been in business (developing trailer solutions) since 2017. Besides its lightweight construction, the HR is readied for all seasons of the year with high-resistance polyurethane adhesive sealing up the spaces in the roof and walls.

The versatility of this easy-to-configure wilderness camper becomes manifold when riding behind an ATV on the unbeaten paths and/or behind a snowmobile when the adventure takes you on snow. And when you halt, just 2 sliding, lockable drawers, with a capacity of 200 lbs each, make for your facility. For instance, one of the side drawers of the trailer functions as a kitchen. It features a removable stainless-steel countertop alongside a folding built-in sink provided with a 10L water tank and faucet.

To elevate a family’s stay out in the wild, the Genimax HR can comfortably sleep 2 adults, and a child in the option roof tent. The camper becomes even more versatile with optional accessories and features that allow the residents to make the most of their ride. For instance, you can opt for an 80W rooftop solar panel with adjustable tilt or a retractable awning for the side of the trailer. Without the optional accessories, the base model of the Genimax HR starts at CAD 8,495 (approximately $6,200).