A Mazda FB RX7 body kit meets Toyota Sprinter to create a funky Fast & Furious 9 worthy racer!

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86’s agile handling and responsive steering made it tailored for Japan’s snaking roads. No doubt it was a shining star in the country’s mountain pass racing era of the late ’80s. Another racecar that lives deep-rooted in automotive fans’ memory is the Mazda FB RX7 which dominated the IMSA GTU series for seven years, winning the championship. Both these racing wheels had their charm in the prime days, and still, they go for a massive chunk of money as collector’s items.

When you intertwine both these cars and create one – it’s pure Hot Wheels magic. That’s what artist Khyzyl Saleem has mustered up in his concept renderings. Yes, this is a tribute to the 80’s era in the form of IMSA inspired AE86 that looks so made for the Fast & Furious 9 movie. Khyzyl is a big-time IMSA FB RX7 fan, and he lends his craft to the classic yet racer in a hot pink hue. The flowing body lines and the body kit are, of course, taken from the FB RX7 IMSA ride. Seeing a blend of the RX7 on top of the AE86 is total bliss for me as an automotive enthusiast.

Khyzyl has not overdone the interweaving of the classic race cars – and that hue is a total drool-worthy touch. The arched wheels with hypnotic yellow spoke patterns can’t stop me from believing it is destined for a high stake drag race with the Lamborghini Countach or Ferrari Testarossa. Whether this one wins the duel is a story for another day – it surely will win a lot of hearts!

Desinger: Khyzyl Saleem