Horizon shows you what your dream outdoor kitchen could look like

I once came across an ad featuring a woman working in a kitchen near the beach. While the idea of doing so is picturesque and romantic, I thought to myself, “How can you actually put up a kitchen on the sand and cook food there?” So when I saw this concept design for this Outdoor Kitchen Space, I thought it was cute but maybe not that practical. But it seems that the concept and design are not just for instagram-able posts but both for aesthetics and functionality.

Designer: Davide Colella and Ivan Vecchia

Horizon was created for the 11th International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest and is a concept for a user experience design for an outdoor kitchen. The inspiration is the “Mediterranean spirit” although it’s probably not exactly built for the beach. It is industrial-looking but each and every aspect of this kitchen module is functional and ergonomic. Every line, drawer, cover, and the surface is created to make your kitchen a fully functional one that you can use to cook and create your culinary masterpieces…while you’re outdoors.

The kitchen top not just has the sink and faucet but also the induction stovetop. Even small details like the integration of the cutting board on the work surface and the drawers and covers also being functional add to the usefulness of this module, even if it’s still a concept design. Each of the slats that is part of the structure has a latching feature so it can be used to hang things like baskets, accessories, and even plants.

The design uses horizontal lines in keeping with the Mediterranean aesthetic and it should also create some effects on the lights and shadows, depending on where the natural light falls during the day. The Horizon concept is made from various materials but mainly it uses aluminum, inox steel, and glass-ceramic. The industrial look and feel don’t really match an outdoor aesthetic but it does provide a foil to it if that’s what you’re going for.

I’m not a cooking or kitchen person, let alone someone who would want to do it outdoors. But the Horizon UX Outdoor Kitchen seems pretty interesting and may appeal to those that are looking for something that’s a bit different from their usual cooking setup.