Edible AirPods-looking earbuds are (expensive) fanciful candy

We see a lot of Airpod dupes out there in the market that are not as expensive and therefore may also not last as long as the originals. I’ve heard of some people who keep getting these non-authentic earbuds that look the same as Apple’s original because either they stop working properly or they keep losing them. And with the way that a lot of these earbuds are made, it’s not surprising that people keep losing them. What if there are AirPods though that are meant to be lost….into your mouth?

Designer: MSCHF

The Brooklyn-based art collective called MSCHF, known for their unserious and sometimes prank-ish products, have come up with their own take on the AirPods. But instead of giving you music, this may very well give you a toothache. That’s because their Candy AirPods are just exactly what the name says. They are edible earbuds that don’t have any other function except to be consumed. Well, unless, you want to keep them around for a long time even though they can’t let you listen to your favorite songs or podcasts.

The AirPods-looking candy come in a box just like the actual AirPods. They really do look like the earbuds as they are “ergonomically fitted to your ears” even though they’re not meant to be actually be put into your ears. The edible earbuds are made from isomalt, water, food coloring, and natural and artificial flavors and only contain 10 calories per container. If you have any allergies, you shouldn’t worry as they are GMO-free, fat-free, and allergen-free. They’re even manufactured in a nut-free facility so you can be sure you won’t get an allergy attack if you eat them.

Right now, it looks like they’re already sold out on the MSCHF website and we don’t know if they will still be restocking. But in case they will, it will cost you $50 which is a pretty steep price for two pieces of candy. They also can’t ship outside of Continental America since it’s not meant to travel far.