These Comfy & Stylish Chairs Will Bring Some 1960s Elegance & Flair To Your Living Room

The Danish design studio Karakter rereleased a dining and lounge chair that was created in the 1960s by design duo Afra and Tobia Scarpa. I love it when modern design brands recreate, rerelease, or revamp iconic designs of the yesteryears, it gives them a chance to shine again while allowing us to enjoy and experience the excellent design philosophies and styles of the past. They serve as sources of inspiration, letting us draw from the design lessons of the old, allowing us to use them to elevate the designs of the present.

Designer: Karakter

Dubbed the 925 Scarpa lounge chair, and the 121 Scarpa dining chair, both the chairs feature a characteristic keyhole-shaped cutout in their backrests, double trestle frames, and rounded joinery, forming elegant and sophisticated furniture pieces that have a sturdy personality. The 121 dining chair was inspired by a sketch made by architect and designer Carlo Scarpa and was produced with the 925 lounge variation.

The dining chair has a narrow and upright composition and form, while the lounge chair has a lower, wider form with a generous and cozy set. Both the chairs feature a sturdy wooden frame that is beautifully contrasted by the soft and supple leather upholstery of the seat and back. The end result is stylish pieces that seem to stand out on their own, without calling too much attention, or being a tad bit obnoxious. They’re simple, style, yet statement pieces that can truly uplight the appearance and appeal of any living space.

Both the chairs are available in frame options made from a wide range of solid wood species, including ash. The seats can be finished in fine European leather, and you can pick from a choice of colors, including black, red, brown, and cognac, creating classy and impressive furniture pieces that will harmoniously merge your living space, and complement your other furniture possessions. They’re perfect for adding some 1960s flair and elegance to your home!