Graffiti Deception

It’s not random chance that I, a resident of my state, should be allowed to do a writeup on this lovely graffiti furniture. I live in Minnesota, USA, a state where graffiti is almost exclusively under, behind, or inside of things. You won’t find much of any graffiti out on the streets, only under train bridges, behind doors, and in alleys. Similar is the nature of this collection of furniture: “Awake Your Inner Vandal,” which designed by Ilan Dei is comprised of three lovely, surprising bits.

“Namibia Credenza – Evolution Revolution” is a lovely wooden cabinet with two large surprises. In the left set of doors you will find the word “EVOLUTION” written in giant graffiti lettering, in the right, “REVOLUTION,” all of it in wild, powerful colors.

“Namibia Side Table Aquatic Life” is a circular side table with a mirror that reveals not just the bottom of the table, but, what’s that? Some super cute koi fishies!

“Namibia Console” is the simplest table of the three, this one with a very simple accent around the inside of the rim of the base of the table. Around this rim are some rather abstract graffiti shapes in gray tones.

Designer: Ilan Dei