This handheld color printer is literally the size of a regular printer’s ink cartridge

It looks like a block roughly half the size of a spray-paint can. In fact, that’s how you would hold the PrinCube too. Grab it with one hand and run it across any surface and the PrinCube performs a neat, seamless, colored inkjet-print on it. The PrinCube isn’t just small, it’s hand-held, wireless, and incredibly versatile. It can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of. Paper, cardboard, wood, metal, cloth, working on flat, textured, and even curved surfaces. You could literally give yourself temporary tattoos too because the PrinCube even prints on the skin (it’s safe, if I may add).

The PrinCube sits on the throne of being the smallest (and the lightest) handheld color-printer. With a swift motion of your hand, the printer rapidly prints out one line at a time, measuring up to 0.56 inches in thickness. PrinCube’s multi-line feature lets you extend your prints by printing up to nearly 10 feet of content line after line. The wireless printer conveniently pairs with any device like your phone, tablet, or even laptop over a Wi-Fi connection, and each individual ink cartridge can handle approximately 415 A4 pages worth of printing before replacing. The battery on PrinCube’s pretty remarkable too, with the ability to print for 6 continuous hours before needing a recharge via the Type-C port in the PrinCube’s size.

Based on the cartridge you use, prints are either performed with standard ink, that can be washed off with soap and water, or a semi-permanent ink that lasts slightly longer, and can be removed with alcohol-wipes or similar solvents. The ridiculously tiny printer wasn’t really designed to replace your traditional desktop printer, but rather to take the technology to new heights. PrinCube’s size means you can carry a printer in your pocket, and the fact that it has to be manually moved across a printing medium rather than have the medium fed into it via a tray means the PrinCube can print on anything, from your sneakers, to your laptop, to walls, stationery, garments, and even your body. Its ability to print on all sorts of surfaces reduces barriers, letting you print on everything from rough canvas fabric to corrugated cardboard. It does all this despite being the smallest color printer in the world… and if that wasn’t enough to impress you (it impressed me enough to pre-order one of my own!) the printer comes with a guaranteed shipment before Christmas this year!

Designer: The God Things Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $199 (45% Off). Hurry, only 49/100 left! Raised over $2,000,000.

PrinCube – The World’s Smallest Mobile Color Printer

PrinCube is ultra-lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand and lets you create fast, vivid, color printing anywhere and anytime and on any surface by 3 steps.

It works over Wi-Fi with your phone to easily upload any text, image, or design and instantly print onto virtually any object or surface at the touch of a button.

It’s portable enough to take the power of inkjet printing on-the-go anywhere you want. It’s color inkjet personalizes ordinary objects, makes messages that stand out and is the perfect tool for arts and crafts.

Print On Any Surface

The biggest limitation of traditional printers is that they can only print on paper. Until now, expensive laser engravers and screen-printing were required for putting logos and lettering on everyday objects. Now, with the PrinCube handheld portable printer, virtually any object can be printed upon.

It makes precise prints on virtually any materials including paper, metal, textiles, plastics, wood, leather and other building and artistic materials.

Print on the Rough, Curved and Uneven Surface

It works on any texture or shape even on the skin, and can print over uneven surfaces with ease.

Personal Tattoo Printer

In addition to other surfaces, PrinCube is perfect for making safe temporary tattoos on the skin. Get creative with any design to add art or messages to the skin in a safe way.

Lifelike Vivid Color

PrinCube is the world’s only portable full-color printer. It utilizes the latest 3-Color Thermal Ink-jet Technology that provides vivid color printing.

Multi-line Printing

PrinCube Enables multi-line printing feature. You can print a total of 3m/9.8 feet content when using the powerful multi-line feature.

Made to Print Longer

A single charge provides 6 hours of working time and an incredible 1 year of standby time. The high efficiency printer has 20 times more memory than other mobile printers and is capable of printing over 415 pages of A4 paper on a single cartridge.

The World’s Smallest & Lightest Printer

PrinCube’s compact design sets users free from the desk. It is wireless, works over Wi-Fi and at only 72x51x68mm it is small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag and travel anywhere.

Easy Ink Refills

The ink cartridge changes in seconds, simply open PrinCube, press in the new cartridge and get back to printing.

Designed for Modern Life

Charges using the latest USB Type-C port that is preferred for reliability and fast throughput for mobile devices.

Behind the Scene

PrinCube Advanced Printing

In this demo, you will see:

1. Color-print an Excel form. (By using the ruler)
2. Print an ultra-wide picture on the curved track.
3. “Add text” feature showing & Print on the metal surface (Macbook).
4. Print on glasses.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $199 (45% Off). Hurry, only 49/100 left! Raised over $2,000,000.