This megayacht with a detachable flying airship is a billionaire’s dream come true

Superyacht concepts, well, we’ve seen them all, right from the luxury-laden vessels to the ones that rarely crossed noblemen’s imagination. Lazzarini Design Studio has always surprised us with its unique concept yachts just when we think nothing could be better, and this one is right up there with the best.

This megayacht by the design studio reimagines what a multibillionaire would want in a luxury vessel and betters it. The idea is to make water adventures fun, and not let the owner and guests onboard get bored on long adventure trips. So, why not have a huge blimp that would be exponentially better than a helicopter parked on the deck?

Designer: Lazzarini Design Studio

Christened Colossea, the airship expands the possibility of travel and exploration by a couple of notches. It’s difficult to phantom the sheer size of this vessel and the fact that it has a detachable airship that draws inspiration from the Norge blimp. An eye-popping structure for onlookers way back a century ago in Rome, the airship was colossal. Lazzarini reimagines it with design tweaks, material upgrades, and propulsion technologies of current times. To keep the overall weight to a minimum, the airship is crafted out of carbon fiber for the external surface, as well as the internal structure.

All that power to smoothly lift the detachable blimp off the deck of the megayacht comes courtesy of the 8 electric engines. Completely capable of taking a flight between Europe and America, just like the Norge, this modern avatar of the airship houses 22 compartments and LH2 tanks for the liquid hydrogen batteries. The lift is provided by the H2 gas release into the 30,000 mc gas compartments and also the energy needs are sufficed by this system along with the solar panels on top. The advanced propulsion system gives the flying vessel measuring 106 meters, a top speed of 165 km/h. The yacht is powered by the HTS engines for a maximum speed of 22 knots.

A flying vessel so huge can haul a payload of 10,000 kg and the luxurious seating area is good enough for 24 passengers and 10 crew members. On the other hand, the 204-meter megayacht has 22 guest suites, a garage loaded with exploration gear, open-air lounges, and multiple decks with large waterfall swimming pools on the rear. All this ensures the perfect getaway ride for 44 guests and 20 crew members.