Everlasting Metal Pencil Changes the Game in Writing No Sharpening Ever Required

We’ve all been through those panicked moments when we try to scramble for a pen or even a pencil and neither is in sight, let alone within reach. Thanks to a renaissance of paper notebooks and analog productivity systems, it’s no longer weird to be carrying a writing instrument with you all the time, sometimes even in your pocket. Not all pens and pencils, however, are made to be shoved in pockets, especially when it comes to pencils that have fragile leads that easily break at the slightest pressure. But what if you had a writing tool that never ran out of ink, never needed to be sharpened, and never snapped in two when you accidentally sat on it? That’s the kind of handwriting bliss that the Pocket Everlasting Metal Pencil brings to your pocket, bag, or EDC toolkit, ensuring you’ll have something to write down your thoughts with at the moment that inspiration strikes.

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Although an ink pen is the preferred tool for jotting down notes, some prefer the centuries-old pencil for its more forgiving and expressive properties. That’s mostly thanks to the nature of the graphite core that leaves its unique mark on paper or other mediums. But whether the pencil is traditional or mechanical, it has the almost innate drawback of needing to be sharpened or replaced because the “lead” has become dull or has broken off. When that happens, not only does your flow of thought get broken as well, you also start to get stressed while scrambling for a sharpener or replacement leads.

This all-metal pocket pencil removes that weakness by using an ingenious special alloy core that barely needs sharpening or not at all. That alloy, however, still contains graphite so it leaves the same marks that a regular clay or charcoal-based pencil would. In other words, you get the same writing experience and quality as a 2H pencil, but without the hassles of “running out” of lead or even ink.

What makes this everlasting pencil even more special is its size. At only 4.7 inches (120mm) long, it is the perfect length to keep in your pocket so you always have it at hand when you need it. At the same time, it isn’t too short to make writing for long periods of time uncomfortable. It strikes the perfect balance between portability and ergonomics, something that a regular pencil can’t even achieve.

The design of the pencil is quite distinctive as well, sporting a faceted metal barrel with a matte texture that improves your grip and prevents the pencil from rolling off desks. It also comes with a rather cute leather cap so you don’t accidentally leave marks inside your pockets. Whether you’re scribbling notes or drafting your next designs, you can enjoy a stress-free and expressive writing experience by having this everlasting all-metal pencil always in your pocket.

Click Here to Buy Now: $17 $20 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 24 hours!