The Cirrus Blend

Be honest, are you still eyeing that perfectly shaped ice ball or imaginatively savoring the drink? I’m doing both; there is nothing better than enjoying my favorite Scotch poured on the rocks…or wait, on this ice ball! To savor the taste of great whiskey (or spirit) is to have it with minimal dilution. Typical ice cubes melt faster than a sphere, which is why at most high-end dos you’ll find the bar serving drinks with a sphere of ice. The Cirrus Press ice ball maker is just for that.

The Matte Black 2.75″ Cirrus Press compresses regular ice into a convenient sphere of 6-ounces. The logic behind this is that a sphere has the least surface area of any solid, creating the least ice-to-alcohol contact ratio possible, and allowing the slowest dilution rate of the ice into the cocktail over time. I love the bold matte black finish, which incidentally is a new matte black product line from Cirrus Products.

The carefully crafted Cocktail Jigger and Cigar Ashtray definitely know how to add that dash of designer sophistication to your bar! Très chic!

Available: Cirrus Products [ Buy it Here ]

The Cocktail Jigger

The Cigar Ashtray