KeyShot Announces Colorway Challenge on Instagram with Exciting Prizes and Free Subscriptions

An indomitable force in the 3D Rendering space, KeyShot has announced “The KeyShot Colorway Rendering Challenge”, inviting designers to participate and win a free year of KeyShot Pro, Rendering Masterclasses from Will Gibbons, and many more prizes. The challenge is simple – explore KeyShot’s vast color library and render a product (any product of your choice) in multiple color variants. The contest, being held on Instagram, is open to all designers and is free to enter. Participants can download a free trial of KeyShot’s latest 2023 software, exploring its myriad of rendering features including the upgraded color library, 3D Paint, CMF Documentation, etc.

Click Here to Participate in the KeyShot Colorway Rendering Challenge Hurry! Challenge ends December 8th, 2023

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Download and Install KeyShot and use the trial code KSCOLOR23 to get free access
  2. Render your product in multiple color variants
  3. Submit your entry by uploading and sharing your visuals on Instagram. Use the hashtag #KeyShotColorway

The competition, which ends on December 8th 2023, will be judged by Karim Merchant (KeyShot Senior Industrial Design & Creative Specialist), Saskia Failla (KeyShot Creative Specialist), and Jan Simon (KeyShot Product Manager). Winners will be entitled to a free 1-year subscription to KeyShot Pro and KeyShot Web, free 1-week access to KeyShot Farms cloud rendering (64-cores), access to a Will Gibbons Rendering Masterclass, and have their winning designs showcased on KeyShot’s Blog, Social Media, Newsletter, as well as the KeyShot Startup Window for the tens of thousands of people using KeyShot every day.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite entries from the KeyShot Colorway Challenge on Instagram.

Lamborghini Revuelto by Benoit Fraylon

Benoit Fraylon takes the Revuelto for a visual spin with his color explorations on the car’s angular body. Here we look at a matte-finish silver Revuelto, but Fraylon’s Instagram Post also explores chrome, electric blue, and a rather oddly appealing granite pattern!

Apple QuickTake 2024 by Caleb Taylor

I was today years old when I learnt that Apple actually designed (and sold) a point-and-shoot camera back in 1994. Dubbed the QuickTake, it is believed to be the first step in Apple’s digital photography dominance, and a spiritual successor to the iPhone. Caleb reinvented that point-and-shoot camera into a tiny iPhone-inspired action cam, giving it an adjustable screen, three lenses, and a few gorgeous color options in his IG post.

Meindl Boots by Bradley Brister

Bradley’s Instagram Post puts Meindl’s outdoor boots in their right setting. Nestled in a forest setting amidst some tufts of grass and rocky terrain, the boots look rather inviting with their vibrant yet outdoor-friendly color schemes. The red might be a little too eye-catching amidst the wilderness, but that yellow ocher looks absolutely divine, and for the more visually conservative, the olive green makes for a great pick.

Porsche Carrera Recaro Seat by Glen Cordle

Most sportscar interiors try to mimic the edginess of the car’s exteriors, but Glen Cordle wants variety. His Instagram Post highlights a few neat CMF options for the Porsche Carrera’s seat (manufactured by Recaro), ranging from a racy red black and white, to a rather classic houndstooth and suede variant that I honestly can’t get my eyes off of!

Fountain Pen by Rob Adams

There will come a time in our lifetimes when the fountain pen becomes as unrecognizable to younger generations as the audio cassette or floppy disk… but until then, it deserves every bit of spotlight possible. A successor to the quill, the fountain pen has remained one of the most powerful symbols of literature and even of leadership, given the fact that almost every law, treaty, and bill has been signed using a fountain pen. Rob Adams adds a bit of CMF exploration to the almighty pen in his, experimenting with classic colors like rose gold, but even pushing the boundaries with this fire-inspired variant, and even a transparent version, visible in his Instagram Post!

Click Here to Participate in the KeyShot Colorway Rendering Challenge Hurry! Challenge ends December 8th, 2023