8-in-1 EDC multitool scissors are the perfect sidekick for your urban and outdoor adventures

All of us are probably familiar with the feeling of helplessness when we encounter a problem that we can’t solve without some equipment. Even worse, we’re often caught unprepared when we do bring along some tools and, much to our exasperation, discover that we are actually missing the right tool for the job. It’s nearly impossible to bring along all possible tools you can think of, not unless you’re actually a handyman carrying a toolbox with you all the time. That’s why multi-functional tools have become quite popular these days, and this rather ingenious take on that design crams no less than eight functions in a pair of handsome scissors small enough to fit on your palm.

Designer: Eiger Design

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Having scissors in your EDC kit is nothing new, especially in places where you can legally stash sharp tools to be ready for any eventuality. Most of these scissors often come in foldable forms to save up space, but this design often sacrifices power for the sake of size. These are also single-purpose tools that offer nothing beyond cutting and snipping objects, presuming they’re thin and weak enough for that.

The Eiger Tool 8-in-1 Multi-functional Scissors proves that you don’t have to make sacrifices just to keep something small. Even without resorting to a foldable mechanism, these tiny shears reach only 13cm or 5.1 inches, enough to fit in your hand, pocket, and definitely any bag. Even with that size, however, the scissors’ cutting ability isn’t compromised and it can even cut through food ingredients, including pieces of meat.

As the name suggests, cutting is just one of the small scissors’ eight functions. Almost every side and part of the scissors’ body is used efficiently to provide a critical function that you’ll need when you’re on the go. One of the handles, for example, can be used to open lids, while both handles can crush nut shells or hold caps for easier twisting. One of the blades has cutouts for a bottle opener, a can opener, and a degasser, while the other blade also functions as a small knife. Those are 8 distinct use cases that this tool can handle without taking up any additional space in your bag or pocket.

Even with all the features crammed into a single tool, these palm-sized scissors are still made with aesthetics, usability, and durability in mind. An oxidation coating technique not only increases the stainless steel’s rust resistance, it also gives the scissors an elegant black appearance that easily stands out among other EDC tools. The two halves are also easy to detach and reattach, making cleaning a trivial task. Whether you’re crafting crafts indoors or having a stress-free day outdoors, these multi-functional palm-sized scissors will always stay with you, ready to cut through any problem with style.

Click Here to Buy Now: $53 $59 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, sale ends in 24 hours!