Three Cool Ways To Break The Ice At A Party

So the party season is here and you are all geared up to go out and have a good time. Perhaps even entertain at home! While many of you may be as suave as Leonard, a few of us belong to the Rajesh Koothrappali category and can do with a little help in breaking the ice. Oh well, we are in luck! Product design is one ammo that always comes to our rescue and here are three cool ways to get a conversation started. Have a look and tell me what you think!

Wear The Brass Sometimes Watch by Dennis Guidone [ Available @ YD Store for $140 ]

The palette of Sometimes is both contemporary and classic, with elongated hands juxtaposed against the black dial. The second hand aligns with the minute and hour for but a moment. The independent movement of the seconds appear to be out of sync with time itself.

Play Music On The Pulpop MP3 Speaker by Balance Wu [ Available @ YD Store for $56 ]

Other than its unique donut shape, this USB rechargeable MP3 speaker is made of recycled pulp. It is ultra light despite its look and size. The vibration inside the hollow space of the speaker amplifies the sound. After a series of trial and error processes, this speaker was born with unexpected potency of sound volume and quality. Environmentally and design conscious!

Sip Tea With The Fish Cups and Heat Pads by Inno.park [ Available @ YD Store for $50 ]

Put on a show! The way this beautiful set works is that you place your warm tea cup on the pads and when you lift it up to sip your drink…vola! There is a bight orange fish swimming on the pad. The metal plates on the bottom of the cups allow you to place fishes anywhere on the pads when the cup reaches 68°C. Create your own school of fish, sit back, start a conversation and enjoy.