Hungarian builder’s LEGO iteration of the Air Jordan 11 is as real as it can get

Sneakerheads and LEGO enthusiasts, brace up! A LEGO builder is here to tickle your creative fancy. Hungarian builder, Tamás Borján, who functions under the branding “Tomasso Builds” has taken his love for sneakers to a whole new level. In his quest for uniqueness, he has created a NIKE Air Jordan 11 using nothing but our beloved plastic building blocks.

Now, you might be thinking, haven’t LEGO fans attempted this feat before? And you’d be right in guessing in the affirmative. But what makes Tamás’s endeavor stand out is his love for the Jordans and the determination to put his unique spin on these legendary kicks.

Designer: Tomasso Builds

According to Tamás, the Air Jordan 11 is a classic in its own right. It burst onto the scene in 1995 when Michael Jordan, the basketball legend himself, sported these bad boys during the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals and then carried them throughout the entire 95-96 season. He, in fact, loved them so much that he couldn’t wait for Nike’s approval – he started rocking them before the brand was ready to launch them officially. These shoes quickly became Jordan’s personal favorite from the entire product line, cementing their legendary status.

Fast forward to today, and these sneakers are still making waves. Tamás wanted to pay homage to the original design, striving to make it as faithful as possible using LEGO bricks. His attention to detail is astounding, from the wave patterns on the sole to the precise recreation of the shoe’s upper: If I were to say, they could attain the symbol of style and basketball prowess if one could wear them. That neat!

By recreating these iconic shoes using LEGO, he’s not only fulfilling his own dream but also captivating the hearts of LEGO and Michael Jordan fans around the world, who along with NIKE are waiting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the AJ 11 in 2025.

If you’ve ever had a crazy idea or a dream project you thought was too far-fetched, just remember Tamás Borján, the man who dared to build Air Jordan 11s from LEGO bricks. In the realm of creativity, there are no limits, and your imagination just needs a little effort, so hit it!