Elegant & Cozy Seating Solution For Modern Offices Gives Employees The Physical & Mental Break They Need

We often underestimate the importance of great office furniture! When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on our office chairs or typing away on our desks whether we’re working in our home office or a corporate one. Hence, these pieces of furniture need to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well. And, a great furniture design for modern corporate offices would be the Owwi seating collection by Arnau Reyna for Actiu.

Designer: Arnau Reyna for Actiu

Created by the design studio Arnau Reyna for the office furniture brand Actiu, the Owwi seating collection is an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing furniture range that includes a wrap-around back and armrests that have been designed to comfortably envelop the sitter. The Owwi seating collection consists of an armchair and a two-seater sofa amped with white textured upholstery on the insides of the seat and the backrest.

The Owwi seating collection is designed to be classy and elegant while adding a sense of sophistication and style to modern workspaces, but it could be a great fit for homes as well. Users can pick from a wide collection of colorful fabrics to cover the exterior of the chair. The entire idea behind Owwi was to create a seating collection that allows users to interact and engage in conversations in hybrid working spaces. It also allows users to disconnect from the outside world, and relax in a calming space.

“With Owwi, Actiu has created an icon that is recognizable to the touch and to the eye,” said the brand. “Its design conveys simplicity, formal charge, and versatility to define an armchair that stands out for its enveloping backrest.” “A commitment to new hybrid spaces in which the physical and emotional well-being of people can be enhanced is essential to create environments in which people can connect or simply disconnect,” Actiu concluded. The Owwi seating collection would make for a brilliant fit for modern office spaces, that want their employees to sit down and take a break. The seats could serve as a calming oasis in the otherwise hectic and chaotic environment of offices.