5 ways to make your working space cozy cardio friendly

Health experts generally recommend regular sessions of low-intensity exercise to keep a steady routine going, especially for individuals who don’t already spend a lot of time working out in the gym or playing sports. Luckily, the widespread emergence of home offices has given way to many creative methods of staying fit while staying largely in one place.

One of my personal favorites has been VR fitness; specifically, putting a Meta Quest 2 on my head, hopping on the treadmill, and walking through neighborhoods in distant cities like New York City and Tokyo via YouTube VR.

Now, thanks to TikToker Hope Zuckerbrow, a new term, coined “cozy cardio”, has rapidly become popularized across the world since her July 23 TikTok video went viral. The hybridization of home office workspace and home gym is ingenious, especially for those who do their best work while in motion – or, simply, those who struggle to stay in their seat – and now it’s taking the media by storm. There are five essential products you’ll need to get started if you want to make your home office cozy cardio friendly: a standing desk, a tiny foldable treadmill, a coffee maker, comfortable socks for a long day of walking, and a nice essential oil diffuser. Here are the ones I’d choose if I were shopping for a cozy cardio office today.

1. CORSAIR Platform:6 Sit-stand Desk

The CORSAIR Platform:6 Sit-stand Desk is a gorgeous-looking adjustable desk that contains a litany of quality of life features like two monitor mounts, four built-in power outlets, a cable management system, and a spacious surface that is perfect for displaying a full desktop build. It’s not available yet, but it’s hopeful that we’ll see more information about it in the fourth quarter of 2023. Still, if I were shopping for a new desk, I’d wait for the CORSAIR Platform:6 to become available, because it’s almost exactly what I’m looking for – even if I don’t end up putting a walking pad underneath it.

2. WalkingPad C2

Second to the standing desk, the WalkingPad is a necessary part of any cozy cardio setup. At least, any cozy cardio setup that involves exercising while you work at your desk. We had plenty of nice things to say about WalkingPad when it was in Kickstarter, and now that it’s all grown up, it’s still one of the best mini-treadmill designers you can find on the market. You can’t really go wrong with any of the products listed on the WalkingPad store, but the WalkingPad C2 is a winner for one reason: it can fold up, making it easy to put away when you’re finished exercising at your desk.

3. FinalPress V2 coffee maker

Your cozy cardio session wouldn’t be complete without a nice jolt of caffeine to wake you up. The smell of fresh coffee emanating throughout your home is part of what makes the whole experience “cozy”, and there are plenty of great coffee makers in the market. None of them are as portable as the FinalPress V2, however, which you can practically keep on your desk at all times. The compact and visually-appealing mini coffee maker uses an infusion process – similarly to how a teabag works – to make hot (or cold!) coffee inside of the very same container you intend to drink it out of. To make it work, simply pour in up to 35 grams of ground coffee, close the FinalPress capsule, and stir it directly into hot or cold water.

4. HercSocks 5.0

You’re going to want some nice socks to keep your feet comfortable in all conditions. If you plan to walk for a long period of time on your WalkingPad, you’ll want sturdily built socks that also keep your feet warm and comfortable. That’s where the HercSocks 5.0 come in. These socks are rated to keep feet insulated, protected, and comfortable on any terrain – even keeping your feet dry if you jump into a puddle. I’d make these part of my cozy cardio routine simply because I’m too lazy to put shoes on every time I want to hop on the treadmill in real life; why not maximize the coziness by wearing socks that also double as walking shoes?

5. Lei Battery-Free Aroma Diffuser

Essential oils can create a lovely atmosphere inside of any home office, and you can even use certain scents (like orange or peppermint) to ease into a focused state of mind – which is great when you’re trying to work while also doing something a bit more physically active, like walking on a walking pad. Most essential oil diffusers rely on batteries or plug directly into the wall, but if you want a stylish and somewhat rustic non-electric alternative to those, you can check out the gorgeous Lei Battery-Free Aroma Diffuser. We love the aesthetic appeal of its all-black body and candle.