With over $1.3 million funded, this tiny portable French Press brews delicious coffee right inside your mug

Sort of like if a French Press and a tea-bag had a baby together, the FinalPress V2 is rapidly becoming the new popular way to brew fresh coffee wherever you go. With a portable, lightweight, all-metal design, the FinalPress V2 gives you the quality of a French Press, but directly inside your coffee cup/mug. All you do is fill the FinalPress with coffee of your choice, shut it, and immerse it in water to begin the infusion process. You can use the FinalPress V2 with hot water or even with cold, for a longer cold-brew. Once done, hit the plunger on top to extract all the water out of the coffee basket, giving you delicious coffee that’s so fresh, it was literally brewed right in your cup.


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Now in its second iteration, the FinalPress V2 has the same classic design with a few refined details that improve your brew as well as make cleaning up easier. While the original FinalPress garnered an impressive $405K in funding, the V2 is blowing past its predecessor with over 20,000 backers raising a stunning $1.3 million to bring the FinalPress V2 to life. The reason? Well, French Press machines are nice but they’re clunky and breakable, and your traditional pour-over generates paper-filter waste with each use.

Designed to mitigate both those problems, the FinalPress V2 is a tiny coffee maker that’s designed to go wherever you go, while being all-metal, so there are no wasted paper/cloth filters at the end of your coffee brewing. It works with tea leaves too, although the V2’s fine 200-micron laser-cut mesh is notoriously good at containing small coffee grounds.

The FinalPress V2’s design is about as intuitive as it’s portable. Think of it as your own personal coffee version of a teabag. It comes with a neat, submersible design that fits in any cup or glass, with a slim plunger mechanism that floats above the rim, for easy gripping. The plunger is even thin enough to fit on mason jars with their straw-hole lids, making it a convenient way to carry your coffee around with you.

To use the FinalPress V2, simply fill it with the ground coffee of your choice (up to 35 grams), shut it, and immerse it in water. For a hot brew, stir it around for a couple of minutes, depending on your preferred brew time. For cold brews, leave it for 12-24 hours depending on what intensity you’re looking for. Once you’re done, push down on the plunger to maximize your coffee infusion and push out as much water from inside the FinalPress. Each FinalPress V2 also comes with a carrying sleeve that you can then put it into, so it doesn’t leak all over your kitchen or work-table. Cleaning up after is easy too, as the FinalPress can just be rinsed under running water.

The FinalPress V2 works with tea leaves too, letting you brew, red, black, or even green tea right in your cup.

You can carry your FinalPress V2 with you, wherever you go!

Each FinalPress is engineered to absolute precision, with a CNC-machined all-metal design that has the tightest tolerances and most intricate details. The entire device is made from stainless steel, making it food-grade and temperature-resistant. The mesh on the side of the FinalPress V2 is made using a high-precision laser that cuts holes 200 microns wide, enough to let water pass, but trap any physical particles like coffee grounds. A stainless steel spring built into the plunger also works remarkably to help you extract flavors from your coffee/tea, and an easy-to-clean design makes round two of your favorite beverage incredibly easy!

What really sets the FinalPress V2 apart (enough to have 20,000 enthusiastic backers), is the fact that it gives you the ability to take YOUR coffee on the go. You’re not bound by clunky machines that don’t travel, pod-based coffee systems that create waste, or expensive cafes that don’t brew coffee your way. The FinalPress’ portable design fits well in bags, backpacks, and travel cases, giving you the freedom of carrying your cup of coffee to work, to another city, or even to the great outdoors. It’s small, elegant, and works with a great degree of versatility, letting you hot/cold brew your coffee, or even switch to tea on occasion. Moreover, the lack of plastic in its build makes the FinalPress V2 more environmentally friendly than any other coffee maker with a larger footprint or impact!

The FinalPress V2 is priced at $59, with free global shipping starting July 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (32% off) Hurry! Only 6 days left!