Slot Cars for the Post-Gasoline Generation

When I was a wee lad, I had all the energy I wanted. Not any more! Energy costs money. And it’s running out (fuel AND money!) “Go Go Electro” is a toy for children who will make make Earth a post-fuel and totally post-worry planet.

Morna Gamblin has designed a tool for the children of the post-green generation: “Go Go Electro is an educational toy for children (age 8 years and over). Its purpose is to give children an experience of how energy is generated and transferred through play and creativity. The form of the toy is an expandable three-dimensional track made out of modular components that can be assembled into different configurations. It integrates the implementation of electronic technology with the physical activity of play, imagination and creative thinking.”

I say post-green because at some point in the future, [I hope,] we’ll be at a place where Green is a lost term. A lost term like “Globalization” or “Gymnasium.”

Kiss energy costs goodbye!

Designer: Morna Gamblin