Vinyl Goes Wirelesss

Designer Kőrös Benedek noticed that 99% of today’s vinyl players were designed for DJs and were really more suitable for mixing or scratching than playing music. His response was this compact player, designed for serious music junkies. While the Golden Era is minimal, it utilizes advanced technologies like DLNA and Airplay to bridge the gap between the MP3 generation and the golden era of music.

Designer: Kőrös Benedek


  • soundz says:

    Very interesting project !!!

    The only thing that I could discuss is the needle part !!
    like the old 7″ portable player, back to the old time… the needle will be pushed to the groove, the only way to catch all the sound out the record !!

    The problem is that it will use the groove many more than a normal turntable !!
    So by the time, it will destroy the record by carving the groove !!

    Part of that, as I’m working on a record player design too, I really find yours really cool !!!

  • mori says:

    Where can I buy it ???

  • tony says:

    how do we buy this?

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