Meet the world’s first “all-season socks” designed to be worn on any terrain or in any weather

Who knew socks could be state-of-the-art? Not me…

Designed for people with both literal and metaphorical cold feet, the HercSocks 5.0 push you beyond limits. Unlike your regular socks that only serve as a barrier between your feet and your shoes, HercSocks were engineered to be used in any weather, on any terrain, and keep you dry and breezy throughout. The socks come with a breathable design that wicks moisture from your feet (it actually uses hollow yarn to absorb sweat), while still somehow being waterproof, so you could step into a puddle or jump into a pool and your feet would still be dry. Made to stand by you through treks and lounge with you as you chill in bed, the HercSocks are also anti-odor and anti-microbial, which means you don’t need to worry about washing them after a long day.

Designer: Wenceslaus Muenyi

Click Here to Buy Now: $45 $85 ($40 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

Socks are designed primarily to be worn in the winter, or with shoes, but the HercSocks 5.0 have no such limitations. Labeled as the world’s first (and only) all-weather all-terrain socks, these foot-huggers can be worn anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re trekking through mud and soil, jogging on a tarmac, working out at the gym, lounging by the poolside, or just chilling at home, the HercSocks are your foot’s best friend. The socks keep your feet dry and promote breathability, while repelling water and killing odors and microbes that cause your socks to feel stale and your skin to break out into rashes.

The HercSocks 5.0 come from HercLéon America, a Minneapolis-based fashion brand with a focus on creating gear and garments for those who travel, backed by cutting-edge fabric technology. They have quite the ‘laundry list’ of features if I might say so myself, more so than any regular cotton or polyester sock in your wardrobe. The HercSocks 5.0 are made from a stretchy, comfortable, vegan-friendly fabric that has the unique ability to regulate humidity by wicking moisture out of the socks, keeping you dry at all times. This feature is made possible by the innovative yarn used by the socks. Unlike any other yarn, these are designed to be hollow like pipes, allowing them to ‘fill up’ with water that then gets wicked outwards into the air.

The socks are made to be absorbent, but only from the inside. The fabric’s unique weave is tight enough to allow moisture and water vapors to pass outwards, but doesn’t let water from the outside seep in. This unique waterproof ability means you could commit the cardinal sin of stepping into water with the socks on and still having your feet dry. There’s nothing quite as disgusting as a wet sock – and it’s impossible to get the HercSocks 5.0 wet. If by some miracle you even manage that feat, the HercSocks are quick-drying, going from soggy to dry in no time.

Available in three sizes.

The socks come in three styles – a Classic, a Summer 5.0, and the All Season 5.0 that you can wear all year round. You can get your HercSocks in Ankle, Quarter, or Calf sizes, although the socks only come in black and begin shipping in June 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45 $85 ($40 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!